A Sunday fishing trip in Mallorca almost ends in tragedy: three pensioners fight for survival after a shipwreck.

Three pensioners’ fishing trip almost ended in disaster on Sunday (May 19). As the “ Mallorcazeitung ” reports, the men were traveling in a three-meter-long boat towards Cabrera when they were shipwrecked.

71-year-old Félix, one of the pensioners, described the situation to the Mallorca newspaper: “We left Llucmajor at 7.30 a.m. The sea was largely calm, although there were occasional waves about one meter high.” One of these waves hit their dinghy and Félix fell into the water. His companions then tried to pull him back into the boat. However, the boat then tipped over.

As Félix further reports, they tried to turn the boat. “That was a big mistake,” he admits to the “Mallorcazeitung”. They could have sat on the tilted boat, but when they tried to turn it “filled with water and sank”.

Their life jackets and the pensioners’ cell phones also sank with the boat. They were unable to make an emergency call and were forced to swim towards land.

But the water was cold and the pensioners were battling hypothermia. Plus, it was Sunday morning and there was no other boat in sight. They were in the water for more than two hours before they were rescued.

They owe their rescue to a local resident. At first, however, she thought the shipwrecked people’s cries for help were the screeching of seagulls. But then she realized that the pensioners were waving an oar that had not sunk – and she called for help. The shipwrecked people were divided into two boats and taken to a local hospital. They were all released on Monday.

An American senior couple also experienced a real travel nightmare in Spain. During a stop on their cruise, they were left behind by the shipping company after they returned late from a shore excursion.

The delay was not their own fault, as the pensioners were caught in a storm on land.

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