Fashion of 1970s is again topical! In 2020, the trends have returned many significant things for the era, from flared jeans and crochet techniques to jackboots and suede things. A revamped variations on the podium from contemporary designers we have met already — it’s time to go to the original sources. br>
the Cold autumn evenings, we offer you to combine two things: movies and fashion choices of images for the season. Collected five is not hackneyed films from the ’70s and early’ 80s, the costumes of the characters which can safely copy today.

faye dunaway in the role of Diana Christensen in “Network” (1976)

the Role in the satirical film Sidney Lumet brought the actress faye dunaway statuette “Oscar”, well, we her character can give some ideas for autumn-winter wardrobe. The most important fashion lesson — monochrome closet does not mean boring.

faye dunaway in “Network”

For the costumes in the film was responsible Theoni V. Aldridge, and outfits for Diana, which occupies a leading position on the channel and live only in the career, generally reflect the business fashion of the 1970-ies. And the style of the era are popular again today.

the basis of the color palette are beautiful shades of brown, cream and white colors with some accents, like Burgundy or green. All these colors are familiar to the wardrobe of the cold season, but those same shades of cream now and at the peak of popularity. So fashion the images of Diana can be safely copied.

a drab color scheme (but in any case it is not necessary to be afraid — she gives the image of wholeness) can revive the account details, such as neck scarf or a belt, and a variety of styles.

for Example, is paying particular attention to the blouse Diana — with bows and puffed sleeves. Like today you can find at Gucci and Saint Laurent, and sleeves and other curvy — among the main trends of the season.

Diana Ross as Tracy chambers in the film “mahogany” (1975)

In the film directed by berry Gordy, many luxurious, bright, catwalk outfits, because the plot of the ambitious Tracy chambers from the poorest neighborhoods in Chicago due to a familiarity with the photographer beginning his career in the fashion world.

Diana Ross in “mahogany”

But if silk dresses with embroidery and chiffon dresses in shades of the rainbow — the choice for winter wardrobe is not the visionary, here is “everyday” outfits Tracy may well become a source of inspiration. Although what she wore every day, we probably will be useful for the official release, for example, in theatre or restaurant (if the situation with coronavirus, of course, will).

the most important fashion lesson: forget about the hat, you need a hat! In the film, the change golovnov�� headdress especially elegantly emphasizes the change of status and lifestyle of the main character. Shapeless knitted hat is replaced by a luxurious white hats, which are in the collection of Tracy a few. Complement the image of the light poncho or coat — do not forget that dairy shades in this season’s trend.

However, there is the opposite tactic to dilute the traditional calm autumn tones with bright colors. For example, a purple coat or a fur coat in faux fur (it is, incidentally, useful if you decide on Halloween to dress up one of the alter egos Anton Lapenko).

Ali McGraw as Jennifer Cavalleri in “love Story” (1970)

the fate of the heroine Ali McGraw in the movie the unenviable (lovers, alas, in the truest sense of the word separates death), but despite the heartbreaking scene in the finale, to revisit this film will want again and again — all because of an almost perfect autumn wardrobe Jenny.

Ali McGraw in “love Story”

What are some of coat: double-breasted cropped here and that can be worn with jeans and a tweed skirt, for example, and white long coat with wide lapels that will be appropriate and formal manner, and with a cashmere suit on the weekends, and versatile coat is of medium length with patch pockets.

a scene from the movie “love Story”

to Complement the understated outerwear can stuff one in a vibrant hue. The heroine McGraw is red: pay attention to plaid scarf, tights and shirt she was wearing over a turtleneck.

Another fashionable idea from Jennifer how to “shake” the gloomy autumn and winter images match accessory with some thing in the outfit. For example, the heroine is a scarf and the skirt in yellow-black cell.

a Similar way this season, you can search, for example, Max Mara and Tommy Hilfiger.

Sean young in the role of Rachel from “blade Runner” (1982)

Ridley Scott is one of the best in the cyberpunk genre and the Director’s version, according to the poll of 60 scientists, conducted by the newspaper The Guardian, and is recognized as the best science fiction movie ever. But to admire here than there is not only the fans of this genre, but also to the fashion people.

Sean young in “blade Runner”

immediately attract the attention of the jackets with a heroine with a broad shoulder line — this was in fashion in the 40’s (“blade Runner” is often called and neonoir — costume designer Michael Kaplan was really inspired by the divas of old Hollywood and Adrian Gilbert). Then focus on the shoulders back in line with the trends in the 80s.

Today, these styles still in fashion — worth a look if only for the collection of Balenciaga in the collection of Alexander McQueen not long ago was also on��ozhie styles.

Modern looks and a long fur coat of the heroine in patchwork style: on the face of the fur alternates with a smooth material.

Faux fur, which is now in the fashion world pushed natural, gives designers more creative freedom in terms of colors or textures, so the deficit is non-trivial fur coat today too, no — one can think coat with fringe from Bottega Veneta.

Jane Fonda as bree Daniels in “Klute” (1971)

In this film, Jane Fonda got the role of the new York “call girl”, energetic, freedom-loving and emancipated (feminist film, however, is not evaluated in the final anyway, it turns out that without a man beside to cope with the difficulties the heroine may not).

Jane Fonda in “Klute”

a Suede mini-skirt, high, fitted leg boots, dressy blouses are the main signs of the wardrobe of brie. Parallel with the trends of the find is also easy — fashion of 1970s in this season severely impacted collections, and the same boots again now at the height of fashion. Should pay attention and bags with fringe.

but for a daily look note of should take a combination of turtleneck, ribbed with bright suede jacket or a chiffon blouse with a vest. Similar images can be found in the current autumn-winter collection of Celine.