the Group of companies “Ingrad” for construction of residential quarter in Moscow region. The introduction of a mechanism escrow secured a deal that was the largest for the entire banking sector, offering project financing in the country.

on 8 July in the press center House of Moscow region Government Chairman of the Bank BUILDING.Russian Artem Fedorko, President of “Ingrad” Pavel Poselenov has signed an agreement on strategic cooperation on future projects.

One of his key achievements of the trilateral cooperation will be the decision of problems of the deceived shareholders of two residential complexes – “Bulatnikovo” and “White city”. Their construction was stopped in 2013 and 2016 respectively. These homes are included in the Unified register problem objects. Now to finish building the housing complexes will be the developer.

“it is Important that the Bank’s partnership HOUSE.Russia and Group of companies “Ingrad” will be restored and the rights of shareholders, whose homes were in the registry problem objects. This model of interaction of regional authorities, the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation and developer — market instrument to solve the problems of unfinished housing units in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation”, – said General Director of the HOUSE.Vitaly Mutko.

“We are pleased that the entire length of the path of realization of the project became our partner Bank the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation. The amount of the credit line speaks for itself — today it is the largest deal in the sector after the transition to the escrow, the standard possibilities of project financing”, — commented on the signing of the agreement, Pavel Poselenov.

Artem Fedorko noted that the strategic cooperation with the Group of companies “Ingrad” is a logical step for the Bank BUILDING.Of the Russian Federation. “Our team is actively interacting in the framework of new projects of residential construction, and we are pleased that through this cooperation for Russian families on the market offer a new and quality housing,” — said Artem Fedorko. Earlier the parties signed the deal more than 11 billion rubles. The funds are aimed at building a residential complex TopHILLS in the southern administrative district of the capital near the metro station “Nagornaya”.

“I would Like to congratulate the group of companies “Ingrad”, and the HOUSE.Russia, which was found by some mechanism. Have to see how he is, scales because of the Institute for the development of just such leverage and such decisions are necessary for the market to close troubled facilities, and the business developed under the developers, who are able to work. On the other hand, I remember that in the Moscow region in a similar way already implemented projects. Successfully invited the developers to have implemented unsuccessful projects. In return they were given enough of the right land Uch��stki: right on location, to destination. So you can quickly enter this land, and then the business was one way toward the Bank. With regard to project Finance for these purposes, let me reiterate: if there is such a model that will be worked out and the state development institution and one of the largest developers in the Moscow region, it is a good sign for the market that there are solutions to continue the business and close the problems that have accumulated community professional previous years. I appreciate this fact, which occurred previously which had no analogue. This is great. As for development institution BUILDING.Of the Russian Federation as Institute of development of the Russian Federation simply has no analogues and competitors. Here in this case the Bank BUILDING.Russia and the “Ingrad” become a kind of pioneer. A large developer who shows by example the search for specific mechanisms. It then broadcast the regions to smaller companies. It is necessary to look, what possible support to ensure that this mechanism is left to the regions. This could be solved in the regions the same objectives. This is important,” – said the Chairman of the Committee “SUPPORT of RUSSIA” for the construction Dmitry Kurowski.

the CEO of the company We Know Alexander Galitsyn said: “This is a new and the biggest market for project Finance example of a synergy of strategic developer, Bank House.of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of defense. Of course , all the market mechanisms that allow us to solve problems unfinished with no load on the budget and other developers, have a positive effect on the market situation and confidence in the primary market as a whole across the country. But the most important is addressing the social problems of ordinary people, real help people who will receive their long-awaited apartments.”

the Future residential quarter can be safely called a city. It provides everything necessary for a comfortable life. In the area of 60 acres along with residential buildings variable number of storeys will house a fitness center, several kindergartens and schools, hospital, surface Parking. The neighborhood is located in a picturesque place ideal for walks and for cultural rest. Next – the river Sukromka and Borisov ponds, the Church of the Annunciation of the blessed virgin Mary of XVII century (the object of cultural heritage of Federal importance) and the Palace estate “Taininskoe”.

an Important “plus” (and for the Moscow region — one of the main), a good transport accessibility. Distance to Moscow ring road — less than a kilometer.

the scope of the project say the timing of its construction: construction will take place over ten years. The first three buildings is scheduled to be excommissioned in the 4th quarter of 2023, the last one in the 1st quarter of 2031 th.

help. Joint stock company “Bank the HOUSE.Of the Russian Federation” — the representative of Bank in the sphere of housing construction in accordance with the Federal law of 27.06.2019 No. 151-FZ “On amendments to the Federal law “About participation in share building of apartment houses and other real estate and on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation” and certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation”. The Bank finances housing projects with the use of escrow accounts in all constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

“Ingrad” — largest real estate investment company, operates in 2012. Specializiruetsya in the construction of residential quarters for comfort – and business-class. Currently the company is the implementation of eighteen projects in Moscow and Moscow region a total area of 2.2 million square meters.