Aldi Süd and Nord have been cooperating with the organic association Naturland since this year. As the discounters announced in a joint press release, the first selected products with Naturland certification will now be added to the range in the first half of the year.

Aldi promises that customers will receive the products at the best price-performance ratio “according to the discount principle”. The range of Naturland products will then be continuously expanded over the coming months.

As Aldi writes, the discounter sisters in northern and southern Germany are already among the largest organic retailers in the country. According to the press release, the partnership with Naturland is an “important step in the further development of the comprehensive organic range”.

The Naturland products will thus in future supplement the existing organic range offered by discounters under the “GUT bio” brand. However, it is not yet known which goods with Naturland certification will complement the Aldi range at the start.

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