Thailand open land borders to citizens from returning to the country

BANGKOK, April 14 – RIA Novosti. Thailand, closed all crossing points on the borders in connection with the epidemic of the coronavirus, from April 18 to 23 will open the border crossing in 21 border provinces for the return of their nationals from neighboring countries, according to the order of the Ministry of internal Affairs.

the Order comes into effect on April 18 and permits the entry of no more than 100 people a day through each checkpoint.

Special conditions the order specifies for the southern provinces bordering Malaysia, where due to constraints related to the epidemic coronavirus infection, stuck the greatest number of citizens of Thailand – more than 10 thousand out of 14 thousand Thais wanting to return home from abroad.

In the provinces Nevsehir and Songkhla, where there is a one transmission, the quota is 100 people a day, in the province of Yala – 50, and in Satun province, where there will be two checkpoints, one land, the second in the seaport, through each of the two will be able to pass in the day of 50 people, the document says.

Since the beginning of the epidemic coronavirus infection in Thailand 2613 sick man, recovered 1405, died 41 people. In the last week the number of daily reported new infections in Thailand decreased. Sunday in the country registered 33 new infections, on Monday 28, Tuesday, 34.

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