the Minister of tourism and sports of Thailand Piphat Ratchadaporn announced the introduction of a new “state Protocol” for the tourism sector of the Kingdom after the pandemic coronavirus.

According to the Minister, in the upcoming tourist season 2020-2021 years, which peaks in November-February, preference will be given to the tourists who book and pay for 4-star and 5-star hotels resorts. Among the resorts are first of all Phuket, Samui, Phangan and Phi Phi.

While the Thai authorities hope that in the upcoming season it will come to just 10 million guests, whereas last season was about 40 million.

the Kingdom intends to abandon the orientation to mass tourism, including backpackers, who prefer independent leisure and living in cheap hostels.

the Minister said Pipat, Thailand, with crowded beaches, a dubious entertainment that are contrary to our traditions and culture, the excessive construction of hotels at the expense of nature, so Thailand should stay in the past.”

According to him, during months of isolation, the nature of Thailand has cleared, which proves the beneficial effect of the absence of crowds of tourists.

In particular, on the beaches back sea turtles.

“We found 11 clutches of eggs on the beaches of Phuket. It’s a miracle. Pink dolphins, many years ago, again accompany the boats and the manatees and dugongs are not afraid to approach the shore in search of edible seaweed. Nature restores its balance. We have not seen anything like it. If we don’t use the chance to rebuild the whole travel system today, we only lose in money and in prosperity,” said the Minister.

the Ban on international flights to Thailand removed from 1 July. After that, the country intends to establish a “travel corridors” in the first place to pre-defined countries, Australia, Japan and certain provinces of China. The first in the country will be able to arrive the following categories of tourists from the above countries: businessmen working with Thai companies; medical tourists; tourists who reserve and pay the rest in five-star hotels on the Islands.

Visitors will need to provide fresh information about the absence of coronavirus, and choose to stay one of the four Islands (Phuket, Samui, Phangan, Phi Phi). On the chosen island they have to stay in for 14 days, with the right of movement within the island. After the end of the quarantine period description gets the right to move across the country.

In Thailand for the last 25 days no recorded cases of transmission of coronavirus in the country. Among quarantined on June 19, there were five new cases. Only Royal blue��ve since the beginning of the pandemic there were 3 of 147 cases, 58 people died (mortality rate 1.8%), according to the Corona website Tracker.