the Balkan war ended many decades ago. However, even now its echoes are heard. In the Hague investigated the crimes against civilians during the war. Monday, July 13, began the trial of the current President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci, accusing him of multiple murders, torture and abductions of civilians. The results of this process, the President could lose power, and generally be behind bars – as well as the leader of the party of the President.

Kosovo President Hashim Thaci, was questioned on Monday in the Hague by the Special Prosecutor’s office for Kosovo, which is investigating the war and postwar crimes.

This is a very specific on – theoretically, it is part of the judicial system of Kosovo, but he is in the Hague and all the members of the court of international experts. This organization was created under pressure from Western countries, and to influence not even the President of the country. And it shows in the course of the investigation.

the Special Prosecutor’s office announced on June 24 that she has a prior indictment, accusing Thaci and opposition leader Kadri Veseli and some other former members of “Kosovo Liberation army”, war crimes and crimes against humanity.

According to the office of the special Prosecutor for Kosovo, the victims of the crimes in question, hundreds of people – the Kosovo Albanians, Serbs, Roma, other ethnic groups and political opponents.

Now began a more detailed investigation, which must prove the guilt of the head of state, or conversely, to announce to the world his innocence. If the indictment is confirmed by the judge, Thaci will stand trial in a special chamber in Kosovo in the Hague.

the President of the partially recognized Balkan Republic denies all charges and maintains his innocence. “Nobody can rewrite history. This is the price you pay for freedom” – said Thaci, when he arrived for an interview with prosecutors.

Similar position is shared by the leader of the Democratic party of Kosovo Kadri Veseli. He said that the President is his long time “brother in arms” and promised that “the battle for Kosovo will end in triumph.”

Ramush Haradinaj, former Prime Minister of Kosovo at the President Thaci appreciated the willingness of the leader to be questioned. “In all circumstances, throughout history we showed maturity, courage, willingness to help and cooperate, and this is supported by our willingness, even from the standpoint of the victim, respond to calls for justice, no matter how unfair they may be,” said Haradinaj.

the Special Prosecutor’s office stated that last month she released the accusedia against Thaci and Veseli since claimed that they were involved in a “secret campaign for the repeal of the act creating the court, and otherwise impeded the court’s work in trying to ensure that they are brought to justice.”

At the same time, the President himself said that he is ready to resign if the court finds him guilty of crimes. However, now it sounds more like a political statement: if the court approves the indictment, it is incumbent runs the risk of going to jail.

In this case, it will not save the status of the head of state: we are talking about war crimes, and in the case of recognition of a war criminal, Thaci risks losing not only power, but freedom.