is That the TCS tires, child seats and other products for car, motorcycle or Bicycle tests. But now the Touring Club stands at all: for the First time, drones will be tested, finally, the flight devices are popular even among the Private incredibly. Alone in 2018, were sold in Switzerland is estimated at more than 100’000 drones.

So that hobby pilots don’t have to buy the cat in the bag, the TCS used to legitimate the five Gadgets in terms of flight characteristics, operation, and portability, camera, processing, and safety, as well as tested efficiency.

The good news is that In the case of processing, and security cuts, no drone bad. All of them are recommended in this area at least. However, there is already in the flight characteristics of the larger differences. The cheapest drone on the Test, the wings land S6 with optional remote control for 350 Swiss francs is significantly less stable in the air than the competition.

The cheapest drone flies only six minutes

deductions are available for a cheap Gadget, but especially in the quality of the photos and Videos of the 4K camera, as well as because of the extremely short flight time. Only six minutes were possible in the case of the other four test candidates, 18 to 28 minutes. Therefore, the cheap drone gets recommended only the predicate is “conditional”.

test winner is the most expensive drone, the DJI Mavic 2 Pro for 1700 francs. You reached in all of the categories up to 80 to 90 percent, i.e., an excellent touch. But, the Mavic 2 Pro is also at least twice as expensive as all the others. And since it weighs more than 500 grams, it needs a liability insurance with a minimum of one Million francs coverage.

So this is only half as large and heavy sister model, the DJI Mavic Air for 900 Swiss francs is a good Alternative. It can keep up with the flight characteristics, the operation and processing with the big sister, is flying but is less long and has a slightly worse camera.

beginners can. the TCS in the drones of the course

The 750 francs, more favourable Parrot Anafi is also “very recommendable”, and provides a balanced performance for the money The Mantis Q of Yuneec obtained, however, only three out of five stars (“recommended”). It flies well and stays whole 27 minutes in the air, the camera you have to make compromises.

by the Way: Who is still unsure, you can book the TCS also have a drone on course. In the beginner’s course is about you can inform yourself before buying and first rounds. Thereafter, hobby pilots can form step by step.