The manufacturer of electric cars Tesla has in the first three months of this year, too, the number of vehicles produced and delivered for the prior year. That has made the U.s. the company announced in a quarterly report on production, without losing the focus on the impact of the new corona virus.

Tesla is not completed in the previous quarter, 88.400 cars, more than 40 per cent higher than in the first quarter of 2019. The number of cars far exceeded the expectations of the analysts in a poll by news agency Bloomberg by a wide margin. The production was presented to the 102.672 cars, compared with 77.100 a year ago.

In a commentary, according to Tesla, not a word about the impact of the coronapandemie. The company was recently forced out of a giant factory in California, Fremont to be close, as well as a measure for the spread of the Covid-19 to go. On behalf of the Chinese government, it was also, in the new Tesla factory in Shanghai, which earlier this year shut down, but has been running again.