There is an absolute exception there is a state, and also led to the closure of some of the Supercharger. As in Germany, to Hotel and catering facilities in Spain close for the time being, their doors. Since Tesla’s are not fast loader in Spain, only to motorways, but part of Hotels or Restaurants are paired, have been taken these are also not operational until Further notice, as a message of the news platform, News Maker shows.

so Far, only a few superchargers in Spain, out of service

so Far, the following Supercharger stations are affected:

  • Getafe, Madrid : Hotel Ramada by Wyndham

  • Fuengirola, Málaga : Hotel Higuerón

  • Tarragona : Hotel La Boella

  • Burgos : Hotel Landa. Only limited open.

the E-car could be collapsing infrastructure, therefore, is, however, unlikely. Also similar to the closing are not in this country become known. Moreover, 80 to 90 percent of the load operations can take place at home, many drivers of electric cars, so not on the public charging columns are dependent.

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This article was written by Franziska Albrecht

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