Production was also higher than deliveries in 2022 as a whole: around 56,000 more cars were built than handed over to customers. This is probably due to the delivery difficulties Musk complained about in the summer, but possibly also to a certain weakness in demand, which is reflected in short delivery times and new discounts, especially in China and the USA. In 2021, around 6,000 more cars were delivered than were built.

However, the US carmaker improved its quarterly record again: around 405,000 vehicles were delivered in the fourth quarter, more than ever before. The previous record was just under 344,000 units, and this record was also only set in the third quarter of 2022. In the fourth quarter, the number of Teslas produced was also significantly higher than the number of deliveries:

Tesla explains the delivery deficit by saying that the regional mix of vehicle types is now more even. As a result, more cars were still on their way to customers at the end of the quarter.

An indication of the more even mix is ​​that at least the three-motor top versions Model S Plaid and X Plaid are now also being delivered in Europe. In addition to the Plaid variants, the twin-engine S and X variants are now appearing in the , but prices have not yet been mentioned.

Model S and X are manufactured exclusively in the USA and must be shipped from there to Europe and China. This could also be a reason why the number of Model S and X models handed over fell somewhat despite the expansion of deliveries abroad: in the 3rd quarter there were almost 19,000 cars, now only slightly more than 17,000 units.

If you look at the chart above for the delivery figures since 2019, there is little to complain about: the trend continues to go strongly upwards. There were only weak phases in early 2020 and early 2022, both of which are likely to be related to the pandemic.

Tesla plans to release fourth-quarter and full-year sales and earnings on January 25. Then the management wants to comment on the numbers. Investors and fans can also hope for a preview of the start-up of semi-production.

The brand’s fifth model does not appear in the delivery figures for the 4th quarter, presumably because of the disappearing quantities. The sixth model, eagerly awaited by some car fans, is to follow in mid-2023.

This article was written by Stefan Leichsenring

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