Three employees of a company at Düsseldorf Airport have been laid off with immediate effect. The reason: In a Tiktok video you can see how the three of them showed the greeting of the terrorist organization IS into the camera while they were working.

You are standing on the tarmac at Düsseldorf Airport. Three men, yellow vests, in a good mood. They salute for a video into the camera. But the greeting they make is not a casual gesture. It is the greeting of the terrorist organization IS. It costs her her job.

As the “Bild” newspaper reports, the three men are German nationals who were born in Germany. A spokeswoman for the federal police told the newspaper: “Based on the images of the people, all three were identified as employees of a company commissioned by the airport operator and airline.” to security areas of the airport is excluded.”

The “Bild” newspaper writes that state security has also started investigations. A spokesman for the Düsseldorf police said to the newspaper that two of the three men had been “talked about in a dangerous manner”. The third was on vacation. However, he was still being watched.