Ternopil Governor dismissed after the scandal with the evacuation of Ukrainians from China

the Head of the Ternopil regional state of the organization Igor Sopel left the post at own will. The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky granted his request on Saturday. As reported by RIA Novosti in the press service Zelensky, the resignation of the head region associated with the failure of the work to inform citizens of the population about the epidemiological safety and, most importantly, with the riots that broke out in the area due to the placing in her of Ukrainians evacuated from an epidemic of coronavirus COVID-19 regions of China. Igor Sopel worked as a head of administration for several months.

In turn, Minister of internal Affairs of the country Arsen Avakov said that the drivers of the buses which brought the evacuees in quarantine, too, are isolated. Doctors assure that everything placed in quarantine the healthy, only one driver had a fever due to the aggravation of arthritis.

February 18, hundreds of people came out to protest against the accommodation of evacuated from China in the sanatorium “Medobory” Ternopil region. Local residents staged a brawl with police and pelted buses with stones people.