Tenth “mined” the plane, EN route from Moscow to Vladivostok, landed safely at the destination airport. About this media reported a source in emergency services of the city.

As specified, the aircraft landed normally. Didn’t need none of the 240 passengers aboard. During the inspection of explosive devices in the aircraft was found.

the Flight “Moscow – Vladivostok” became the tenth on a domestic flight that is unknown “I mined” on Monday, March 23. The remaining nine aircraft landed well as staff, all reports of the presence on the sides of the explosive device was not confirmed. Threats were received while the aircraft is in the air.

the Message on the put on Board the aircraft explosive devices began arriving on 3 March. During this time unknown “mined” for more than 80 flights. More the number of “mined” during the day, the boards were checked on March 21, there were 13, reminds TASS.

According to a source in law enforcement bodies, the unknown send anonymous messages, threatening and extorting bitcoins to continue “mining” of shops, courthouses, airports, airlines, aircraft.