The new episode of Keiser Report looks into how economic value has lost all meaning, when the market is fake and the Federal Reserve’s free money is used for leveraged buyouts of the entire economy.

Max interviews Zeus Yiamouyiannis, the originator of and a guest contributor to about the issue.

“We know that literally tens of trillions (of dollars) have been siphoned into offshore havens, taken out of circulation, I mean put into these private secret bank accounts,” he says.

According to Yiamouyiannis, the motivation for this is greed and knowing that you are stealing, and you have to hide stuff that you steal. What happens when you withdraw currency value and you basically store it away outside the economy is that you impoverish everything, the analyst explains.

“They do that on a microscale with companies,” and eventually they bankrupt those companies, “they are creating essentially a worldwide productive bankruptcy,” Yiamouyiannis concludes.

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