The first tenants have received their termination. The next may follow before the end of the year or at the beginning of the next.

DSB Properties have the desire to transform the site where the historic Amagerbane has its last gleams, and the Olsen-gang has turned its folds, for something completely different.

It tells the head of property development at DSB Properties, Søren Beck-Heede, B. T.

Previously B. T. described how the colony – and havelodslejere on the site of the old Amagerbane between Uplandsgade and the listed Clover at the end of march, received notice of termination of their tenancy.

Some of the tenants have had small homes on the property for generations. It could be Susan its theme parks tell.

But it seems to be over now. The same may come to apply for the car rental, which is located in the area.

And husvildboliger, also located on the site of the is already terminated.

The homeless must be out from the turn of the year – found a new place for them, saith the.

Yet, however, it is not clear what should happen with the historic railroad track, where among other things, parts of ‘the Olsen gang on the track’ was recorded.

But the rest of the area must be something drastic with.

“We have yet no concrete plans for the area where the havelodderne and the old Amagerbane is. But we are looking at to develop the area. And that is what we are about to make ready, to develop the area,” says Søren Beck-Heede.

“the Rails from the Amagerbanen is located in the area, so it may well be they need to be removed. Alternatively you could see if you can incorporate them in future plans. The future of rails is not yet decided,” he elaborates.

What is your wish for the future plans in this area?

“It is to build homes and business. A combination of it.”

What do you say to those who are bored of that area must be something else, than it is today?

“your Taste is different, but basically it’s easy enough, for it is precisely our desire that it should be something different than it is today,” says Søren Beck-Heede.