Data to measure the mobility in society is handed over to the Statens Serum Institut in an anonymised format.

It created a debate, as the Statens Serum Institut (SSI) in march requested that the access to the data on the danes ‘ movements during coronakrisen.

nevertheless, the operators commenced the provision of the kind of data to the SSI in “aggregated and anonymised form”.

It informs the Telecom industry.

Jakob Willer, director for the Telecom industry, assure you that everything is legal by the book.

– We have had as a precondition that it should be done on a completely clear legal basis.

– the Companies have been in contact with the Danish business authority and the ministry of Justice data protection agency and been given the green light to deliver data in an aggregated and anonymous form. It is not identifying data, says Jakob Willer.

That the material is in an aggregated and anonymous form, meaning that there is a total amount of data, where individuals cannot be recognized.

It was back in march, the SSI missing data on mobility in society.

Specifically, the institute wanted data on how many persons who have moved between zip codes and municipal boundaries.

the Data must support the analysis and studies in connection with the coronaudbruddet.

However, been questioned whether the man legally and ethically be able to afford to monitor the danes ‘ telephone traffic.

Jacob Willer can well understand the ethical dilemma.

Therefore, one has also from Teleindustriens side has been extra attentive and put a lot of emphasis on privatlivshensyn and security.

– In practice, one should not at all be worried about.

– We have put huge emphasis on the fact that the authorities had to be in this here process, says Jakob Willer.