He developed the design, all built and decorated.

a resident of the British town of Wrexham 48-year-old mark Williams in early June, boasted on Facebook a new and very useful hobby of his older 14-year-old son Bradley. The man said that during the isolation wanted to distract the guy from computer games, and therefore entrusted him with the construction of children home for 7-year-old sister Ellie.

Bradley did not resist, but on the contrary, enthusiastically got down to business. In just one week he built a large two story house for Ellie with stairs and furniture.

Dad gets son, 14, to build his sister a playhouse to get him off the Playstation& it’s so good he’s offered jobs in Oz

All works, ranging from drawings, materials, construction, painting and decorating, the teenager made himself. Large and exclusive in-game house that Ellie had asked my parents a long time ago, cost the family of Williams of $ 250 that was spent on materials and furnishings.

the Proud father said that son liked the process of construction and later (just in time for the birthday of Mark) Bradley built for the whole family a small bar in the yard.

the Success of his son mark shared on Facebook and did not expect that his post will become viral and will spread around the world. Shortly after the publication of Williams began to write the representatives of the various construction and architectural companies from Australia and the United States, which offered his son a real job, writes The Sun.

Catherine Gura

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