Teen posted a photo of Kardashian sisters in a bikini

Older sister Kim Kardashian, American TV personality and businesswoman Kourtney Kardashian showed subscribers the photo, which she sealed in adolescence. On the archive frame in Instagram-storis Kardashian drew attention in the Daily Mail.

As writes the edition, in honor of his 41st birthday, the TV star has published a picture taken 25 years ago during a family vacation in Hawaii. It young Courtney posing in front of the camera in black-and-white striped bikini on the background of palm trees, leaning on the railing. It is noted that at the time she wore a short haircut and lipstick beige.

At the moment the photo is removed from the social network.

Earlier in April, his teenage portrait showed users Instagram and sister Courtney Kim Kardashian. She pointed out that the photo was taken in the seventh grade. Fans noticed that Kim’s face has changed a lot since childhood, and blamed her for the abuse of plastic surgery.