In an interview he noted that the decision to lead the Moscow club was correct.

“there Were several options, but “Spartacus” seemed to be the best. It wasn’t obvious at first glance, but after a few days in town I felt fine. “Spartacus” is similar to Bayern, the team has 30 million fans across the country and the incredible strength,” he said.

“Who else could coach the Russian Bayern? It is a priceless experience,” he continued.

Responding to a question about returning to the Bundesliga, the coach noted that all the thoughts of it in “Spartacus” and if you would like to work in Germany, it would be there. Tedesco noted that the proposals he has.

“Over the past few months, I received specific suggestions, but I was in Moscow and feel good,” he said.

Tedesco came in “Spartacus” in 2019, his contract expires in a year. Under his leadership, the “red-white” last season was seventh.