Republican Senator Ted Cruz said he would deliver oral arguments in a suit challenging the 2020 election results in Pennsylvania should the Supreme Court agree to hear the case, which was previously shot down by a lower court.

Cruz, a Harvard law grad, said on Monday that he was asked to argue the hot button case before the nation’s highest court if a judge grants a writ of certiorari, ordering a lower body to send up the suit for review.

“Petitioners’ legal team has asked me whether I would be willing to argue the case before [the Supreme Court], if the Court grants certiorari. I have agreed, and told them that, if the Court takes the appeal, I will stand ready to present the oral argument,” Cruz said in a tweet.

The bitter division and acrimony we see across the Nation needs resolution. I believe SCOTUS has a responsibility to the American People to ensure, within its powers, that we are following the law and following the Constitution.

If #SCOTUS grants cert in the PA election case, I have told the petitioners I will stand ready to present the oral argument.Full statement below…

Brought last month by Republican Rep. Mike Kelly (Pennsylvania), GOP congressional candidate Sean Parnell and state house hopeful Wanda Logan, the legal challenge aims to upend millions of ballots in the Keystone state, arguing that a vote-by-mail law passed last year was unconstitutionally and “illegally implemented.”

While Pennsylvania’s top court shot down the case on November 28, saying it was brought far too late and that Kelly had ample time to challenge the 2019 law before this year’s presidential race, the lawmakers have since filed an emergency appeal in the US Supreme Court. Cruz has voiced strong support for that initiative, issuing a statement last week urging the court to hear the case.

“Ordinarily, the US Supreme Court would stay out of election disputes, especially concerning state law. But these are not ordinary times,” he said, adding that the court “has a responsibility to the American people” to abide by the Constitution.

Hearing this case – now, on an emergency expedited basis – would be an important step in helping rebuild confidence in the integrity of our democratic system.

The Pennsylvania suit is one among a flurry of legal challenges brought by President Donald Trump and his allies, each looking to overturn results in the 2020 election, arguing it was marred by widespread fraud and misconduct. Though the president has yet to score any major wins from the suits, he has declined to concede a loss to Democrat Joe Biden – who the media has designated president-elect – as several cases continue to make their way through the courts.

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