Every recording studio, from the entry-level home studio to the high-end professional studio, is a complex technological system. If there is one thing that is guaranteed, it is that technology will change. 

It’s hard to know how technology will evolve in the future. However, there are several contemporary trends that will undoubtedly change the recording studio of the future.

Networked Audio Over IP

One of the most basic functions of audio technology is to transfer signals from one location to another. A microphone delivers a signal to an interface, which then sends it to a computer, which then sends it back to an interface, which then sends it to loudspeakers. 

This procedure has needed an update for quite some time. This is where audio over IP comes into play. 

Because there are so many various systems that need to communicate in a studio, having a network that communicates information using a reliable, standard protocol would be advantageous as we’ve seen with crazyvegas.com.

Remote Recording Over the Internet

Throughout history, the recording studio has always been a space of collaborative innovation, and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. We believe that technical improvements will make this possible even more. 

There’s always been something magical about getting people together in the same place to make music and feed off each other’s energy. Getting everyone in the same physical area, though, can be a logistical challenge. Many people nowadays send songs back and forth to contribute to a song, even if they never meet in person.

Virtual Reality 

Perhaps you still have reservations about how collaborative it will be to watch a two-dimensional video of your bandmate in another city recording their part to a song on a computer screen. 

It’s good news. This experience will include three-dimensional virtual reality in the future (VR) as we’ve seen with machines a sous or online slots.

Within the next five years, virtual reality experiences will be available for practically every area of our life. The recording studio is included in this. Several proof-of-concept designs are already available (Audio Fusion, Anymotion). Many more are almost certainly on the way.