In Moscow prevented an attack on the electronic voting system. According to official data, the attempted attack on the blockchain via the gcd of the observer was done at 21.12 on Saturday, and then was introduced the mode of increased security. Any break in the voting was not.

“the night Before the electronic voting system reflected the first-ever hacker attack, said in an official address by the representative of the Public headquarters for control and monitoring of the national vote in Moscow, Alexander Asaph. – Burglars attempted to influence the system through the node observer. Attempted attacks were immediately reflected, and did not affect the course of voting. Already in the blockchain voice has not suffered, the votes were in the service of guaranteed delivery. They have also been fully preserved and is already in the blockchain. The stream data node of the observer did not stop for a second, full access to the observer was almost immediately restored, after it had taken the necessary security measures. The voting process was not interrupted”.

in Spite of this, said Alexander Asaph technicians working in emergency mode and are fully prepared to repel possible attacks. Currently electronic voting is in normal mode, access is fully open for voting. Attempted break-in had no effect either on the course or at work or the quality of access to the service remote e-voting.

the blockchain Technology used by the system for remote electronic voting to ensure the anonymity of the whole process of expression and constant voice. Votes in are stored in encrypted form, they cannot be deleted or modified. And track choice of the electorate as possible. Also the blockchain network has a single server, which would monitor its work. Therefore, the attempt to change data on a single server will immediately see the other network members.

a Node in a broad sense, is any computer that is connected to the blockchain network. It allows you to check how the system has taken into account sent via online voting ballot. Depending on its type, a node only stores part or all the data in the blockchain.

Recall, during the online voting anonymous results given voter votes encrypted and stored in the database. The encryption of voting results takes place by means of a special key, loaded in the database. To decrypt the result using the encryption key impossible. This requires another key, which was divided before the vote. There are five encryption keys that are stored in license plate box-the packages in the cells of the Bank. For each key onmeets the most modern individual.