International football is The very rough head butt by Zinedine Zidane. An iconic moment in the finals of the world cup of 2006, that is, on the retina of each and every soccer calcined state. The lost finale is created in addition to divisions within the French camp. “I went to take a shower and smoke in there for ten minutes, the 250-cigarettes”, says a defender Willy Sagnol is back.

more than thirteen years ago, Italy and France, face each other in the final match of the world cup in Germany. A penalty from Zidane and a buffelstoot of Materazzi made up for a 1-to-1-standings-after ninety minutes of football. Both teams were up for extensions and they were evaluated with the two goalscorers, who has a starring role demanded.

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From the minute of the 110 offenders in the game completely. After a bit of pushing and a pulling tongue, Materazzi and the French sides of the skin, vol. “I’ve got something to say about his sister”, he confessed later.The pot boiled over at Zidane, and he’s a defender with a hard head butt against the ground and it worked. The current coach of Real Madrid, was given a red card, and, Les Bleus was a ten-man any further. Italy went in the end to the longest end, after a penalty shoot-out. It was Zidane his last race at the highest level. A farewell in a minor key.