The property tax return 2022 can be completed and submitted in many ways – primarily digitally. But anyone who wants to fill out the documents in paper form can also do so.

It is gratifying that Germany is also becoming more and more digital when it comes to taxes. The tax office would like to receive the property tax return for 2022 only electronically. You have a variety of options for this:

But not all citizens are so well versed on the PC to be able to do it confidently. Also, not everyone has a computer whiz on hand to take over.

Therefore, in many federal states there is also the option of downloading the necessary forms, printing them out and submitting them by hand. You can download it here free of charge.

Once again, the federal states handle the submission of the return for the property tax in paper form very differently. Therefore, not all templates are included in the download.

Here you will find an overview of the eight countries that allow you to easily download the forms as PDF files:

According to the authorities in Lower Saxony, there are also a small number of forms to collect, which means that you do not have to print them out yourself.

All other federal states have different regulations, which we will break down for you here.

Filing the tax return digitally works much better and is a real time saver for most people. However, it should not be made so difficult for citizens who cannot cope with this to obtain the paper forms. Uniform handling would be desirable. We hope that at least the PDFs for download will help you to reach your goal faster.