The Orange County coroner’s office said the celebrity passed off in her home in Newport Beach, Calif.. The reason for death wasn’t immediately released.

On Wednesday, Jordan Kitaen advised TMZ that authorities revealed nothing found in the scene indicated alcohol or drugs were a element in her death.

Jordan reported that Kitaen had been”devastated” by the recent passing of her dad, who passed away on April 12″following a very long batter with skin cancer.” Jordan considers the patriarch’s departure was too much for Kitaen to endure. He explained both as with an”uncanny link” and were amazingly close.

Their dad’s funeral was only days off when she passed away, the socket reported. He had been laid to rest on Monday at San Diego.

Jordan also shared that there were not any indications that Kitaen, the oldest kid, took her own life. He said they talked the evening until she died and Kitaen was”excited” about her Mother’s Day strategies. In addition, he insisted that despite her previous struggles with substance abuse,”she had been in a fantastic place” prior to her passing.

Kitaen’s daughters, Wynter and Raine, supported their mum’s death on Instagram.

“We only wish to say thank you personally for all of her lovers and her pals, for constantly showing her such service and love. You gave her entire life everyday,” their statement said.

Kitaen became the stone planet’s”video vixen” after appearing on the cover of 2 records in the heavy metal band Ratt and starring in many music videos for Whitesnake, such as the 1987 smash song”Here I Go Again.” The movie played on the famous audio television system, featured Kitaen acting cartwheels on the hood of a Jaguar.

Besides starring as the fiancée into Hanks’ character in the comedy”Bachelor Party,” she performed Seinfeld’s girlfriend at a 1991 episode of”Seinfeld.”

However, the superstar had a tumultuous private life. She wed Whitesnake singer David Coverdale in 1989, but the couple divorced a couple of decades later. The marriage was rocky and it stopped in 2002.

According to the socket, she had many run-ins together with the legislation, including a fee for cocaine possession in 2006 and driving under the influence in 2009.

Jordan told TMZ the household has not made a last choice about where Kitaen is going to be buried.