In the “scene of the crime – war in the head” found the göttingen commissioners Charlotte Lindholm (Maria Furtwängler, 53), and Anaïs Schmitz (Florence Kasumba, 43), that an Experiment has gone to soldiers wrong.

A high-tech helmet should increase the performance of a small group of soldiers in the field. The Commissioners made their investigations with the defense industry and the intelligence community. Everything is just a utopia?

▶︎IMAGE clarifies the most important questions about your case.

Commissioner Anais Schmitz (Florence Kasumba) has to be fear, like her mother, a schizophrenic to. Your friend Nick (Daniel Donskoy) comforts sieFoto: NDR/Manju Sawhney

you Can planting really voices in the head of another human being?

YES! Dipl. Pol. Christopher Coenen from Karl down Institute of technology (KIT) says: “researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (mit) has managed the actually recently. You could also send from a certain distance, the Audio messages in the ear of a man, without a receiving device. Outsiders can not hear these sounds. Managed them with only a laser beam and using the little bit of water vapour around the body.“