The task force, the Department of Welfare, public Health, and the Family wants to be in the next few weeks coronatests decline in health of people with a disability and in psychiatric hospitals. The “test strategy in the long term will be on Wednesday laid down.

finally, the actual results of the first batch of tests, it is for the moment still wait for that. These were taken in 55 residential care facilities with a high number of suspected infections, and 30 randomly selected residential care facilities. For the time being, the department, in his own words, still to 9,000 testing is available. “It has been decided in the first half of the week, rooms / facilities for persons with disabilities, to the tests, more specifically, of the 9 facilities had the highest number of suspected infections, in which both staff and residents are to be tested.”

The rest of that 9,000 each, the tests will be spread over 35 other residential care homes. In the long-term goal of the department’s tests in all facilities where vulnerable residents are”, says the press release. “What this means is that, in addition to the care of the elderly in the next few weeks to be tested in the sector of persons with disabilities in the revalidatiesector and mental health care. That have to be taken into account in the analysis of the testing strategy.”

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