Talkmaster Anne Will recently announced that the program named after her will only run until the end of the year. After that she doesn’t continue. This is not necessarily a problem for the ARD because they already have a potential successor.

Ending such a successful and popular program as “Anne Will” was certainly not an easy decision for Germany’s best-known political talker on TV. With the slot on the Sunday evening after the “crime scene” and the country’s most important politicians in the armchairs, good ratings and attention were guaranteed. Now she and ARD have announced that Will will no longer continue. If the ARD is smart, it relies on a very well-known face that it already has in its own ranks for the successor: Ingo Zamperoni. But what makes him the ideal candidate?

Will’s tasks consist of a very fine balancing act. Not only can she just receive guests and let them interrupt each other, she also has to not only moderate the show, but also ask critical questions at the same time, but not in such a way that it becomes an interview. At the same time, the guests should feel comfortable in that there is a civilized exchange of opinions. Will was very good at her craft, so it needs a capable successor.

Ingo Zamperoni, presenter of daily topics, has exactly these qualities. On the one hand, the daily topic interviews are about getting as much out of the other person as possible and on the other hand, he should guide the viewer through the topics without pretending too much himself. He is also a very well-known face on German television and has often led through various formats that require a similar level of sensitivity as Anne Will’s talk show – for example the “Bürgerparlament”. He is just as likeable as he can be critical and many viewers already believe him to be capable of the role, even wish for him. Another argument that speaks for Zamperoni is his status at ARD. Although he is an integral part of the daily topics, he does not have many programs that involve him too much – in contrast to other candidates such as Maybritt Illner or Sandra Maischberger, he most likely has more time. His reports on the changing United States over the past few years fit in well with the broadcast times of a regular talk show. For Das Erste, Zamperoni would be an ideal candidate, who ARD already knows well.

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