He speaks of his “nightmare”: moderator and “Zeit” editor-in-chief Giovanni di Lorenzo will lead the next issue of “3nach9” alone through the talk show – it’s the first time since he started the show in 1989. His colleague and Tagesschau spokeswoman Judith Rakers has Corona.

Since September 2010, Judith Rakers has hosted “3nach9” together with Giovanni di Lorenzo. Now the presenter and TV journalist has tested positive for the corona virus. Di Lorenzo, who has moderated the longest-serving talk show on German television since 1989, is leading the format alone for the first time in 33 years.

“I’m so sorry for her, and a little bit for me too, because I now had to try to pull in what Judith had worked out in weeks, in an hour and a half,” said di Lorenzo, who shared his co-moderator’s test results found out only a few hours before the start of the broadcast.

“Of course I wasn’t able to prepare as well as Judith always does. At least not for the guests she would have taken on.” In an interview with long-time CDU MP Wolfgang Bosbach and his daughter, business communications specialist Caroline Bosbach, di Lorenzo admits: “I regularly have two nightmares. One is: the show is on and I’m not prepared. In this respect, we are already very close to tonight.”

And with regard to Caroline Bosbach’s participation in the “Let’s Dance” show, he adds: “The second nightmare is: I’m asked to dance. I find that appalling and terrifying. That’s why I have a lot of respect for it.” Unfortunately, he no longer belongs to the generation that inevitably learned to dance in dance school.

Other guests of the last edition before this year’s “3nach9” summer break are the journalist and presenter Claus Kleber, the presenter Bärbel Schäfer, the doctor and actor Joe Bausch, the biologist and gardening expert Ulf Soltau and the passionate sailors Sigrid and Dieter Markworth.

The program will be broadcast on NDR/Radio Bremen television this Friday, July 8, from 10:00 p.m. “3nach9” has been on TV for almost 48 years now.

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