The talks between the then “Talk a day”host, Roger Schawinski (73) and champagne leader Uriella (†90) in the 90s are legendary. Here he describes what was his first impression and how he Uriella has experienced.

Uriella perceived, when you saw it for the first Time?
Roger Schawinski:
I knew right away, this is an absolutely unusual Person. I had to bring just to be on TV.

To her exaggerated Laugh, when I asked her about that she saw after her fall from the horse on the head God.

Seriously, I’ve never.

Uriella impressed?
you knew that 99 percent of the viewers would laugh at you. But they had it out on the rest of the percent. There, they hoped for new Disciples.

Against sects, I’m generally skeptical. At least Uriellas sect is not violent.


she was absolutely without fear, was all of the questions, to be without evil.

That the show business has many facets.

No idea. You made me always compliments and brought small gifts.

Tend not to.

It’s been more than 20 years, satirist Viktor Giacobbo (67) in his Show “Viktors late program” sect leader Uriella († 90) to be invited. In one of his signature roles, as a cult figure, Fredi Hinz – a Drögeler that is always on the lookout for “Stutz” for emergency accommodation.

Uriella he receives with a plastic bag and begins his conversation: “you’re like Martina Hingis from Ross.” – “Precisely on the head,” giggles Uriella. “And then it started?”, asks Hinz. “And then it started,” confirms Uriella and laughs out loud. Hinz says to her that it is the voice of God, and wants to know if you have the tube in. Also as Uriella hearty laughs. In retrospect, Viktor Giacobbo says: “she was friendly and no matter what you said to her – completely pain-free.” And adds: “I looked at her and thought, she looks like a wedding cake.”