In addition, the Federal government informed the Ministry of the interior, the Bundestag, as the editorial network Germany reported, citing security authorities. Representatives of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution and of the Federal Ministry of the interior, continued accordingly, the Chairpersons of the Committee on internal Affairs activities within the right-wing scene in regard to.

Accordingly, members of so-called Prepper groups (to be prepared: be prepared) to prepare a alleged day X, at which the public order is to break. In Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg, lower Saxony and North Rhine-Westphalia, the so-called safe houses are to be brought to Hide according to the authorities, details of weapons and ammunition from,,.

“Exactly the kind of situations

” prepared “parts of the extreme Right have prepared for exactly such situations and could be with attacks,” said the Left-inner-expert, Martina Renner of the RND. It is now important to increase the pressure on rights networks, especially on networks within the police and armed forces. “The Problem is that, for uniform carrier no restrictions such as road closures or contact prohibitions apply. Extreme attention is necessary,“ said Renner.

Konstantin Kuhle, interior policy spokesman of the FDP parliamentary group, stressed more and more often immerse yourself in right-wing extremists, the hope for a civil war-like conditions, in which the hated established structures in politics and society should be. “Weapons depots and command structures of extreme right-wing terrorists, be prepared for the alleged d-day,” said the FDP politician of the RND. The public uncertainty of the current Corona-crisis suitable, to carry this to the extreme-right narrative, so Cool. Therefore, the pressure for investigation and Prosecution of right-wing structures must be obtained, especially in times of crisis in an upright position.

the protection of the Constitution expects the 13,000 violent right-wing extremists

The FDP-politician claimed that open arrest warrants against right-wing extremists to enforce and militant right-wing groups to resolve. “The ability to act of the state shall not be questioned,” said Kuhle.

A group of right-wing extremists in the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg had already planned a few years ago, to liquidate political opponents in a day X scenario, and around 200 body bags and lime ordered. The group of Northern cross, at least 54 members, among them former Bundeswehr soldiers, active police officers, sports shooters and hunters. Most of them are legally in possession of weapons and ammunition. Against two members of the Federal public Prosecutor’s office determines because of the suspicion of preparing a serious seditious Offence.

In this February, twelve members of the group were arrested. Also against the Federal Prosecutor’s office determines because of the suspicion of the preparation of right-of terrorist attacks. The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution classifies currently about 13,000 right-wing extremists as violent.

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