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The government in the Duma introduced a bill prohibiting to Institute criminal proceedings on bankruptcy case of emergency and material change in the exchange rate. A moratorium may be imposed in "exceptional cases", their list may be supplemented
March 28 in Moscow will close all the restaurants, cafes and beauty salons. Restrictions will apply until 5 April. This is stated in the decree of the mayor Sergey Sobyanin. Will stop all shopping except for food and pharmacy
In the framework of a sudden inspection of the troops raised the alarm based in Yekaterinburg medical detachment of special purpose. Meanwhile, in the four regions of the secondary cooling zone has formed a specialized group of forces
Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced new restrictive measures in Moscow. He stressed that they are imposed temporarily, from 28 March to 5 April. Their goal is to make Russians stay at home and thereby slowed the spread of coronavirus infection
EMERCOM of Russia has prepared amendments to the regulations on the Federal state fire supervision. In particular, taking into account international experience a new model of determining risk categories for various types of buildings
The President signed a decree "On declaring in the Russian Federation are non-working days." The goal of the decision - the provision of sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population
March 26 marks the 20th anniversary of the day Vladimir Putin was first elected President of Russia. He got a sad legacy: a painful list of problems, the skepticism of the population, the foreign "partners." This was stated by Konstantin Kostin, Chairman of the Board of FRGO
The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin sure that the peak incidence of coronavirus in the city has not yet passed. Thus city authorities hope that it will go smoothly - it is now sent to numerous measures taken in the city and the country
Stopping the exercises Defender 2020 the North-Western borders of Russia, NATO has intensified in this region has its own intelligence operations. Especially zealous in the spy activities of Americans. They conduct surveillance from the air and sea
The interior Ministry has published amendments to the state strategy of struggle against extremism. The main thing in them - the equating of the organization inconsistent marches and rallies in the preparation of terrorist acts
In the state Duma a draft law prescribing a procedure for cancellation of e-warrants, issued by the citizens themselves. Without the participation of a notary. Currently issued digital power of attorney it is difficult to withdraw
Vladimir Putin made a televised address, in which he proposed to postpone the voting on the amendments to the Constitution at a later date because of the situation with coronavirus. In the Federation Council, told how will be assigned a new date
The head of state in a video message announced urgent measures to ensure the social protection of citizens, preservation of their income and jobs and to support small and medium businesses. Among them is a new payment to families, the deferral of taxes for business and vacation loans
Doctors will be allowed for the period of threat of the spread of diseases remotely conduct physical examinations, make diagnoses, and if there are grounds to prescribe treatment. This is dedicated to the state Duma the bill
In recent days in Russia discovered 163 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection in 20 regions, according to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. At the same time up to 29 have increased the number of those who from the coronavirus recovered
In the next few hours Vladimir Putin will deliver an address to the citizens of the country in connection with the situation with coronavirus. The appeal will be broadcast on the Federal channels. The President had earlier canceled a planned departure to St. Petersburg
Michael Mishustin has promised strictly to punish the governors for shortcomings in the fight against coronavirus. "To neglect the health of people in such a dangerous period is unacceptable," - said the head of government
Moscow lawyers due to the current epidemiological situation, propose to apply for exemption of its citizens from prison. The Federal chamber of advocates suggested that all regional chambers to follow the example of counterparts in capitals
The number of contract servicemen in the Russian army increased more than two times since 2012 and made up 405,1 thousand people. This was announced by Russian defense Minister Sergei Shoigu at the plenary session of the Federation Council
Russian warships are tracking maneuvers in the Black sea frigates Fredericton canadian Navy and the Italian Virginio Fasan. In the framework of the exercise, they will meet with the Turkish frigate Salihreis and the Romanian Regina Maria
In Moscow patients with mild coronavirus infection can with their consent to be treated at home. A temporary treatment order for the period from March 23 to March 30 approved by his order the head of the health Department of the capital Alexei Khripun
In the regions will be temporarily closed night clubs, movie theaters, children's playrooms and entertainment centers. This instruction was given by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova on the results of the meeting of the operational headquarters for the fight against the spread of coronavirus
FSB and the interior Ministry defused an international group of computer fraud and hackers sell stolen credit card information to Russian and foreign banks. The special operation was held in 11 regions of the country
The Russian health care should be ready for the Italian variant of development of coronavirus. However, doctors will be very happy, if all goes according to the Chinese scenario. About it the head physician of the hospital in Kommunarka Denis Protsenko has told to President Vladimir Putin
In the regions will be temporarily closed night clubs, movie theaters, children's playrooms and entertainment centers, as well as a ban on Smoking hookahs in the bars and restaurants. This instruction was given by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova
Vladimir Putin on Tuesday visited the hospital in Kommunarka, where the treatment of infected COVID-19. He thanked the management and staff of the hospital for organizing the work, comparing it to "a well-coordinated clock"
Washington announced a policy of visa restrictions in response to the ICC decision to launch an investigation into the crimes of the us military in Afghanistan. The United States build international order is not on law but on their rules, I'm sure the Senator Konstantin Kosachev
The most important amendment that can be made to the Constitution, the majority of Russians believe that the consolidation of guarantees of accessibility and quality of care. The same conclusions follow from the opinion poll
The possibility of telemedicine need to be expanded so that doctors during epidemics could remotely not only to advise patients and to make diagnoses and give recommendations, according to Russian parliamentarians
Mikhail Mishustin following the meeting of the Presidium of the coordinating Council to combat the spread of coronavirus gave a number of instructions. He urged to develop a scheme for rapid deployment of laboratories for tests COVID-19 and to toughen the penalties for violation of quarantine
The Association of lawyers of Russia has prepared the methodology for calculating the amounts of compensation for moral harm. In near future there will be a special calculator that can be used to determine the amount of compensation in each particular case
Two events dedicated to the fight against coronavirus, were held March 23 in the government. Mishustin discussed with the deputies the new measures support the economy and the labour market in the context of the pandemic and the preparedness of the health system
The public chamber of the Russian Federation involved in the preparation process of voting on amendments to the Constitution. On Monday it has signed agreements with more than twenty public and non-profit organizations on the training of observers
Criminal liability may be introduced in Russia for false information on the spread of the coronavirus. This was stated by the head of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation and state construction Andrey Klishas
On behalf of the President of the Russian Federation defense Minister Sergei Shoigu held talks with Bashar al-Assad in Damascus. They discussed issues related to sustainable cease hostilities in the area Iglinskiy de-escalation and stabilization of the situation in other parts of Syria
In Russia the situation with coronavirus develops not as acute as in other countries. But the authorities are making every effort to stop the spread of infection. Special attention is paid to the protection of elderly Russians, who are at risk. For people over 65 years, announced home quarantine
The interior Ministry warned about the responsibility of the authors of videos that lead people into confusion about the prevalence of coronavirus. For provocative actions in public areas the creators of such materials may be subject to liability under the article "Hooliganism" of the criminal code
In Russia propose legislation to recognize coronavirus infection by a force majeure event for the enterprises of small and average business, and also representatives of a number of industries. The recognition of the coronavirus force majeure will allow the business to get a deferral if you cannot fulfill certain obligations
It is important to make the utmost effort to prevent possible growth of the spread of coronavirus, said Vladimir Putin. He is urged to do everything possible to ensure all necessary materials and citizens, and special services
Medical masks are produced around the clock, and in the first half of April, the volume will be 5 million units per day. This was announced by the Minister of industry and trade Denis Manturov at a meeting with Vladimir Putin
The authorities of Moscow and Moscow region ordered citizens over 65 years to a regime of isolation in the period from 26 March to 14 April in connection with the pandemic coronavirus. These measures may seem harsh, but they are justified, the head of Committee of the state Duma Yaroslav Nilov
The government is drafting proposals on strengthening of administrative responsibility for violation of the rules of quarantine. "We will do it for sure," promised Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova
A day in Russia were registered 71 new case of coronavirus, the total number of cases is 438 people, said Mikhail Mishustin. In this case, 17 people have been recovered
Michael Mishustin has urged elderly people to take care of health and stay at home to avoid being infected with coronavirus. And young people, the Prime Minister recommended to limit yourself from personal contact with the older generation
Muscovites older than 65 years and chronically sick people will be paid the single financial aid in the amount of 4 000 rubles. This was announced by Sergei Sobyanin. The city also temporarily cancelled the imposition of penalties and fines for late payment of housing and communal services
Poor families with children aged three to seven years will receive a monthly payment, which will amount to half of the minimum subsistence level for a child. The corresponding decree was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin
The state Duma adopted the law on restrictions on the use of business article of the Criminal code for organizing a criminal community. From now on, under article 210 of the criminal code are not subject to the founders, members, managers, employees, legal entities
No quarantine in the near future in Russia, to enter not planned, reported today in the operational headquarters, headed by Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova. "The ongoing set of adequate measures," - said the headquarters
action Plan government to support the economy in the spread of the coronavirus is being consistently implemented, said the head of Ministry of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov.
One of the measures of social support of the population proposed to make a reduction of prices on gasoline and other fuels at gas stations. This initiative was made by a member of the Duma Committee on energy Mikhail Sheremet

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