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The project was submitted to the lower house of Parliament by the Russian government
Under current law, this opportunity, citizens can use only once every three years
According to the President, he proposed four candidates for the post of Prime Minister
The Russian President noted that he has a great relationship with former Prime Minister of the country
Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin was released from the post of Deputy Minister of labour and social protection of the Russian Federation Svetlana Petrov
Moscow is taking all necessary measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Russia
The amendments relate to the implementation of the measures announced by the Russian President during his address to the Federal Assembly
MPs propose to amend chapters 4 and 6 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, dedicated to the President and the government
She noted the inappropriateness ensure quarantine conditions for thousands of people coming into the country the Chinese
State Duma speaker Vyacheslav Volodin said that it is one of the most important initiatives in the framework of the message of Vladimir Putin
This was announced by the head of the Duma Committee on state construction and legislation Pavel Krasheninnikov
According to him, the published data once again confirm the correctness of the Russian side
A proposal was made by the Deputy of the state Duma Boris Mendelevich
On the possibility of making such amendments to the Constitution, said Pavel Krasheninnikov
Regulations for competitions on eating of something called install because of the death of a girl who choked on a cake
The text of the document available in an electronic database of the lower house
Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov called this dissenting opinion
Moscow plans to continue the dialogue with Minsk, despite the fact that the statements of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko emotions get the best
The Duma Council has extended until March 2, the deadline for the submission of amendments to the draft amendment to the Constitution of Russia
The press Secretary advised that kinorabotoy reviewed in the profile Department
On the eve of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Russia at the highest level, leads the war in Libya
The organization instructed the state bodies and other institutions
The decrees were posted on the portal of legal information
State Duma Deputy Denis Moskvin noted that the main incident is an ethical evaluation
Initiatives will need to give the Ministry of health, Ministry of industry, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of economic development and FAS
The Deputy Prime Minister noted that this issue will be worked jointly with the Central Bank
This was announced by Prime-Minister of Russia Mikhail Mishustin
Voting day will be the weekends, but not at the expense of other public holidays
He also said that currently has received more than 500 proposals for amendments in the basic law
The Russian President also agreed with the idea to hold a vote on a work day
The President said that they will not disappear, while he remains the head of state
He endorsed the idea during a meeting with the working group on preparation of amendments in the Constitution
The President thanked in advance for it
The acting head of the region appointed Vladislav Shapsha
On 10 February, the court ordered defendants 6 to 18 years in prison
According to him, the Ministry will certainly create in Russia, but, "as usual late in 30-40 years"
Speech on the punishment of the buying and selling of "spy" devices
With the approval of the initiative took into account the amendment of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the dinners should be compulsory and free of charge
It is believed that it will help more than 4.5 million car owners
The government has allocated additional funds for the purchase of foreign drugs for children with severe Central nervous system diseases
The President of Belarus believes that the Republic is permeated with media streams, many of which are destructive
However, he expressed concern that terrorist groups continue to operate in Idlib
It is reported that this measure will allow the Central Bank to eliminate the issue of conflict of interest
He said data on the national welfare Fund and international reserves

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