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In Stavropol the police were interested in a woman infected with coronavirus. It is known that infectious disease physician and Professor at the medical University after a trip to Spain instead of self-isolation continued to go to work
The court sent under house arrest former Vice mayor of Voronezh Alexey Intelectiva. He is suspected of receiving a bribe of 1.5 million rubles. The former official admitted receiving half of this amount
The head of the RF IC became interested in the situation with the issuance of certificates under the program "Young family" in Ruzayevka. Gladysheva wife for 5 years and not wait for subsidies, but others received assistance without waiting
In 2019, the Internet scammers and hackers have stolen from the residents and businessmen of the Rostov region for almost 500 million rubles. Was nine thousand cybercrimes
The FSB has published a video of the detention of members of conspiratorial cells in the Russian Federation banned international terrorist organization "ISIS". The accomplices of the militants was identified in the regions
The FSB revealed in the Crimea, the Rostov oblast and Komi underground cell of the banned organization in the Russian Federation "IG". Under the guise of charity channel collected money for terrorist financing
The interior Ministry has implemented new examination: it is now possible to highlight and preserve the unique scent left by man on the scene. Thanks to this technique have been actively disclosed to the crimes, where, it seemed, all the ends have already been lost
In Moscow passed the next sentences in the criminal case about mass fight in the cemetery khovanskoye. Participants in the slaughter of George Makarieva and Shahmohamadi Capturea the court sentenced to prison terms
All Dating in colonies and SIZO cancelled due to coronavirus pandemic. In a confined space and in conditions of close contact between people in the penitentiary system the virus can spread quickly
The Moscow city court sentenced the former head of a capital Central Board of the RCDS General Alexander Drymanov to 12 years in a strict regime colony. He was convicted of accepting bribes in especially large size
Lefortovo court of Moscow refused to satisfy the claim eks-the Colonel of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Dmitry Zakharchenko to the SIZO "Lefortovo". Former fighter against corruption tried to challenge the registration for the tendency to stray and attacks
Police have identified and arrested a gang of counterfeiters who forged two bills. Distribution of fakes was carried out in a contactless manner by equipment caches
Can a citizen remove from the Internet negative feedback about your work? Critical opinion is just an assessment of the quality provided by specialist services or the invasion of private space? These questions were considered by the Supreme court of the Russian Federation
Heated debates on the Internet have spilled from the virtual space and become the subject of litigation. What are the rules of communication in social networks? As the opinion to Express, and the opponent not to offend? We understand together with experts
In Saratov the court has released from-under guards of one of the Teens suspected of preparing to mass murder. On appeal one of the defendants in the decision was made to change his measure of restraint on the prohibition of certain actions
Ex-President of OJSC "Bank of Moscow" Andrey Borodin was found guilty of embezzlement owned by the Bank 14.5 billion rubles. The court has appointed to it punishment in the form of imprisonment for 14 years and a fine in the amount of 2.5 million rubles
Krasnodar regional court upheld the complaint about the termination of the criminal case of Vasily Popkov orphans in the absence of his actions constitute a crime and a recognition of the right of the defendant to rehabilitation. This happened after several publications in "RG"
The constitutional court began consideration of the case on the indefinite disqualification. We are talking about the amendments to the Forest code of the Russian Federation, in making which he lost the possibility of removing names from the register of unfair tenants of forest plots
SK the Russian Federation took under goszaschitu one of the leaders of the gang Tsapkov - Vyacheslav Tsepovyaz. He is considered as one of the witnesses in the ex-leadership of the Amur colony. Retirement in IR were associated with the scandalous "peers" convicted
The cause of the explosion in a military unit of the Pechenga district of the Murmansk region was a flagrant violation of security requirements. As a result of incident has suffered five soldiers have been hospitalised.
The house of the veterans suing in Novosibirsk with their guests. And intends to pay them from 233 to 500 thousand rubles. And the veterans just want to eat normal food and not to overpay for unnecessary services
The Minister of justice Konstantin Chuichenko and the Director of the Federal penitentiary service Alexander Kalashnikov unscheduled checked detention center No. 6 in Moscow. They inspected the main objects of the institution, spoke with the suspects, accused and convicted persons. In the future, such verification is planned to make regular
Against those who spread false information on the number of infected in Moscow coronavirus infection, started preliminary examination. These individuals installed. In the near future will take action to remove from the social networks of false information
Convicted ex-head of the Secretariat of the Sakhalin region Governor Vyacheslav Gorbachev. For receiving bribes in especially large size the court sentenced him to imprisonment for seven years and ten months probation
In St. Petersburg completed the investigation of the criminal case about the murder and dismemberment of postgraduate students of St Petersburg state University historian Oleg Sokolov. Former Professor charged with illegal possession of weapons
Anna Polaskova - a single mom with two children - first year goes through the courts, proving his right to purchase in Krasnodar the house in shared Park. the yard. Creates problems for her neighbor, flaunt ties to law enforcement and judicial authorities
In Kazan the staff of the Ministry of internal Affairs have established that local schoolboy had intended to kill their classmates. Their intentions, the guy explained that he had no authority among classmates and he bad given foreign language
The Chita garrison court was asked to appoint a two-year prison conscripts for abuse of soldiers, which became the cause of the tragedy. Earlier, the soldier opened fire while passing of the guard because of bullying
The Chita military court sentenced to two years of imprisonment conditionally and the penalty in 30 thousand rubles Rustam Mukhatova on the case of mockeries at colleagues. Among them was Ramil Shamsutdinov, who then shot the soldier
The interstate aviation Committee has published a report on the results of the investigation of the crash Boeing 747 freighters in Bishkek, took place in January of 2017. According to the experts, the crash is guilty crew
Second, the cassation court of General jurisdiction was sent a new appellate review case against activist Konstantin Kotova. Previously, he was sentenced to four years in prison for repeated violation of order of holding rallies and pickets
The Moscow city court left under house arrest the former Director of investment Bank "the East" Alexander Tsakunov dismissing the appeal. Zakonov was placed under house arrest on 20 December on suspicion in fraud in especially large size
The management of the capital of GSU SK took under special control the investigation of the main tragedies of the weekend - the deaths of three people in a club in the South of Moscow. Yet all the evidence suggests that young people received severe carbon dioxide poisoning
In Kaliningrad, the Prosecutor's office appealed against in the appeal court's decision on PAROLE of the former Director of the Federal penitentiary service of Russia Alexander Reimer. Earlier the latter was sentenced to eight years for fraud
The Prosecutor's office disagreed with the judgment, according to which the ex-Director FSIN of Russia Alexander rejmer has reformed and can be released from prison. The petition of the former chief jailer of the country about parole granted by the court of Kaliningrad
Basmanny court of Moscow has transferred from prison under house arrest of one of the former policemen who confessed to tossing drugs to the journalist Ivan Golunov. He won't be allowed to leave the apartment and use any means of communication
The court arrested two of the Saratov school students who planned an armed attack on the school. They were detained in an abandoned bomb shelter where they kept their weapons
Entered into force verdict against Igor Patty, who was detained while trying to recruit a few people in the banned in Russia organization "Right sector". The man was sentenced to 2-m Western district military court to 4 years in penal colony
The FSB has published a video with investigative actions in the criminal case against two teenagers in Saratov. Students admitted in preparation of an attack on a school in the city
In Saratov employees of FSB have detained two teenagers. The students were going to attack the school, armed with a sawed-off hunting rifles and improvised Molotov cocktails
Ukrainian fishermen detained in the Azov sea for poaching, released from prison in Kerch after serving administrative arrest. Complaints about conditions they never said
The Basmanny district court of Moscow until March 28, extended the term of house arrest of the former Governor of Khabarovsk territory Victor Ishayev.
The Central district court of Kaliningrad decided to early release from prison of the former Director of the Federal penitentiary service Alexander Reimer. He in total had been imprisoned for five years instead of the designated eight
Omsk regional court has sentenced the mother and stepfather, eight-year-old boy forced to spend hours kneeling on the buckwheat. They received a prison sentence for intentional infliction of harm to the child
The police officer and his friend beat up a taxi driver in the suburbs, and then stole the car of 10 thousand rubles. "During the journey, they behaved provocatively, swearing, pushing me," said the victim. During the arrest the police officer resisted by their own colleagues
In the Rostov region investigators opened a criminal case under article "Causing death by negligence" after the gas explosion in the house. In the result of incident killed two people. Another hospitalized
In 2019 by request of the investigation was terminated 33 thousands of criminal cases and 16 thousand at the initiative of the court, said the Supreme court. In order to avoid punishment for a minor offense, you need three conditions
Another young man was hospitalized with various injuries
The incident happened near the station "Andronivka"
Symptoms began to appear in one of the infected after 27 days