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Animaloterapiya will be trained in the Donskoy state technical University. They are specialists in the treatment of diseases in adults and children with the involvement of animals. DSTU is the first University in Russia which will be engaged in training staff of a similar profile
Patients should have access to treatment with the latest drugs, and their procurement should be carried out at the Federal level that will allow you to conduct trades more efficiently. These are the main topics of discussion on Orphan forum, which starts on 28 February in Moscow
The government invited every year to give the Russians over 40 years old the day off to undergo medical examination. This extra day of rest will be provided with preservation of average earnings
The government is discussing the strengthening of responsibility for violation of the quarantine by the new coronavirus, said Tatyana Golikova at a meeting of the headquarters for infection control. What measures will induce citizens to comply with the order of being in quarantine, the Deputy Prime Minister did not elaborate this issue is discussed
Three of the eight Russians, taken from the cruise ship Diamond Princess in the infectious diseases clinic of Kazan, confirmed the presence of coronavirus COVID-19. About this informed the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova
To reduce the risk of infectious diseases among children vaccinations and learning the basics of hygiene, said the CPS. So, one of the most effective methods of prevention is regular hand-washing, said the Agency
Director General of the world health organization said Monday that the peak of the epidemic of coronavirus in China passed. But victory over the infection Eze far – and in China do not hide it. One of the signals was the decision on the postponement of the annual session of vsekitajsky meeting of national representatives, the highest legislative body of the country (originally the session was scheduled for 5 March). The Chinese government due to the outbreak of the coronavirus have to maneuver in very narrow and unsafe way between Scylla and Charybdis. Because the epidemic is not only potentially threatens the health and lives of millions of people, but also poses a very real threat to the economic downturn.
On the day of the coronavirus sick about 500 people a day, the experts found out who. In their opinion, it is too early to talk about the beginning of the pandemic, but its offensive is necessary to prepare all countries
The CPS does not recommend Russian citizens to visit Italy, South Korea and Iran in connection with the outbreaks provoked by the novel coronavirus
Among the many hypotheses about the necessity of sleep is one of the most popular is that it happens cleaning the brain of toxins that have accumulated during the day. Read more about what else is able to sleep, read in the material "RG"
The number of confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in mainland China has reached more than 78 thousand people, more than 29 million recovered and discharged from hospitals
Nordic walking every year becomes more and more popular. "RG" know where to learn stick without skis, without spending a penny, and whether or not these studies there is some benefit
In Perm Krai Prosecutor's office started the investigation after the publication of the video, which the paramedics dragged the patient on the pavement before the ambulance. As noted in the Supervisory Agency, the team of physicians made a breach in the provision of emergency
The Chinese authorities have warned that the timing of the incubation period of coronavirus COVID-2019 has changed
Newlyweds in St. Petersburg got the opportunity to undergo free medical check-up not later than one year after the marriage. We are talking about consultation of the gynecologist and andrologist, General clinical blood test and tested for STDs
The press service of the General administration of civil aviation of Kuwait issued a message stating the suspension of operations of several countries to prevent the spread of coronavirus COVID-2019
The Ministry of health offers to bake bread and bakery products using only iodized salt. What the Ministry seeks to achieve, therefore, found "RG"

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