Australian influencer and entrepreneur Karina Irby is facing strong headwinds with her decision to remain childless. But there are also positive voices.

Marriage without children is still a taboo subject for many people. Australian entrepreneur and swimwear designer Karina Irby experienced this firsthand. In an Instagram video, she reported a discussion with a stranger who reacted with undisguised bewilderment to the fact that Irby wanted to remain childless.

Irby, who along with her husband Ryan Jones has decided to live without children, sees nothing new in the uncomprehending reactions to her decision. But a recent conversation with a woman in a public place presented her with a particular challenge. The conversation started off friendly, but took an unexpected turn when the woman noticed the wedding ring on Irby’s finger.

“When I said how old I was, she said, ‘Oh, you’re already that old? So you have to have children then.’ I answered her: ‘No, no children. My husband and I actually don’t want to have children.’ “I swear I saw the blood drain from her face,” Irby said.

When the woman asked what she planned to do with her life, Irby gave a clear answer: She planned to grow her business, save money and spend it on herself. She also wants to travel, sleep, relax, spend more time with her husband and enjoy her freedom.

Irby’s video has already been viewed several thousand times and many followers applauded her for the decision to remain childless. “You made the best decision. And I’m a mother,” wrote one user. Others noted that they know the dilemma well and face similar questions.

Childlessness is not always desired. For couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children, the psychological burden is enormous. The search for reasons and treatment options can be very stressful. A recent study by scientists from Australia could give affected couples new hope. The researchers found that sperm motility was increased by up to 266 percent when the cells were treated with sound waves of 800 megawatts and 40 megahertz for 20 seconds.

With the help of a language test that only lasts 60 seconds, family doctors will in future be able to identify whether a patient may be suffering from dementia. However, the test alone is not sufficient for diagnosis, emphasizes the developer. 

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