The representatives of the Syrian opposition claim that President Bashar al-Assad may resign wishful thinking, told RIA Novosti Secretary of the Syrian opposition movement, "public diplomacy" Mahmud Efendi.

Earlier some mass media with reference to the opposition, there were allegations that Assad could soon step down. It is argued that this question is now discussed Russia, Turkey and Iran. Officially this information no one has confirmed. In turn, the coordinator of the friendship group of the state Duma for relations with Parliament ATS Dmitry Sablin called rumors of such an allegation, as Assad has the support of most Syrians.

"the Opposition just wants. And she left just other means. Previously, it blamed the regime for the bombing, and so on. But now they are not, the Moscow agreement is valid. Therefore, the opposition and began thus to promote their agenda", – said Afandi, stressing that they "just wishful thinking".

The politician said that the opposition "uses the time" because the world’s attention focused on other issues.

"the Whole world is struggling with the coronavirus, Russia and the United States and Europe in particular, they are not about Assad’s fate. So the opposition and started giving interviews about what Russia is preparing the resignation of Assad", – said Afandi.

However, he also added that Russia has always adhered to the position that "fate" Assad in the hands of the Syrian people.

"Definitely Russia is in any case not going to remove Assad, because, first, there is no replacement. And secondly, it contradicts the position of Russia that the fate of Syria should be decided by the Syrian people… Russia from this position is unlikely to recover, and especially Iran. Turkey, may, discusses the resignation of Assad," said Syrian opposition.

According to him, Assad’s fate can be decided "only after statehood will be strengthened throughout Syria," and only through elections and the work of the constitutional Committee in accordance with resolution 2254 of the UN security Council.