The Spanish judiciary has taken Decisions against the two 22-year-old Swiss, who were arrested on Thursday morning in Barcelona, after an alleged rape of a 22-year-old woman (VIEWS reported).

The examining magistrate has imposed against one of the two men in custody with a bail of 10’000 Euro. The second Swiss was released, because it could not confirm the victim in the second hearing. This is the Spanish TV station Telecinco reported.

Assault-attempt to already been to the toilet?

The justice investigation for possible crimes of sexual Assault. The Swiss have met first according to Reports, the woman apparently in the Club Opium. All of the three languages French.

The young woman wanted to go to in the course of the Evening, the toilet, the two men had followed her. There they had tried to you need sexually abused. The victim was able to flee, ran to the beach. There it came to the alleged rape. Your friends would have found the victim and alerted the police. (pma)