Tesla is on a Mission. The Californian carmaker is the spearhead of a new mobility based on electric drives. On the marketing front it pays off: Although the market share is vanishingly small, the brand is known by every child.

Now, Sunday has a view: Perhaps the most important Post in the company outside of the United States to occupy a Swiss: Sascha Zahnd (44). The trained forwarding merchant currently has the title of Vice President of Supply Chain (principal chain) held for delivery at Tesla. At the beginning of the month has now been announced that the former Europe chief Jan Oehmicke to give up after only a year on the Job again. This, after he was for 20 years in the service of BMW.

The Why is not fully understood. According to the German “Wirtschaftswoche” have Oehmicke with Tesla founder Elon Musk (48) falling out around the launch of the latest Tesla-product “Model 3”. As a result, the industry magazine “Electrive” reported on Zahnds appeal to the Europe boss.

Sunday view know from good sources: Zahnd actually is in concrete negotiations. Everything other than his Nomination would be a Surprise. As for Silicon Valley companies, Tesla remains Silent and also Zahnd is not responding to requests.

30 top managers are gone

The electric car group to run the executives. The American Online publication “Business Insider” recounted no less than 30 of the top executives who left the company in January 2018 the back. Zahnd seems, however, to be able to the impulsive Tesla-Zampano Musk. He works for 2016, at the top management level for the company, monitors the key themes of mobility, energy, artificial intelligence and industry 4.0.

in Front of the HWV-Basel-leavers (today: University of applied Sciences North-Western Switzerland) during the six years when the Swatch group of watches suppliers ETA ends. There, he was a member of the Executive Board responsible for the supply chain. In spite of his commitments in California, Zahnd maintains contact in Switzerland. Since March, he sits on the Board of Directors of the Muttenzer retail-Multi-Valora, including the brands Kiosk, Avec and pretzel king. This is also why a new Job would come in closer to Amsterdam – where Tesla has its European headquarters – certainly not inconvenient.

Zahnd afraid of the Public

In contrast to his boss Elon Musk is regularly in the headlines makes – afraid Zahnd the Public. In January, he would have been the star guest at the Zurich conference World Web Forum. His appearance was canceled again. Only once he gave a journalist from a longer Interview.

2010 – at the time, he was in the service of the Swedish furniture giant Ikea was he talking about with the “Tages-Anzeiger” about his experiences as an international leader. It is the only available Text, in the Zahnd also Personal reveals. As a primary school, he should have known what he wanted to be later: “a Manager or entrepreneur.”

Tesla seems to be his delivery to get problems under control at last. In 2019, Tesla 158’000 vehicles delivered – as many as never before. The company is in default, the demand is greater than the Output. And the company slips deeper into the red, despite rising sales. The stock exchange is, therefore, skeptical. The course broke in 2019 by 17 percent to $ 258.