For him, you’re chasing around: The Swiss producer of OZ, civil Ozan Yildirim (26), since last week, not only with the same reason Song number one on the American Billboard Hot 100 charts, but also three Times for a Grammy mitnominiert. “What’s going on, is incredible,” says Yildirim opposite VIEW.

US-Hits, produced in the Zürcher Oberland

In his Studio in Wald ZH, he produces for US Hip-Hop greats as G-Eazy (29), Drake (32), Migos, and Travis Scott (26). The latter gave him with the Song “Sicko Mode”, the current Top-ranking in the US Charts. “It all started with mouth-to-mouth-Propaganda. I sent many artists of my Demos, then things took their course.”


remained Yildirim lives a modest. He grew up in Toggenburg, as the son of Turkish immigrants, made to the secondary school an apprenticeship as a retail specialist. By the way, he began to mix well-known Songs from artists. “Through a friend, the idea to produce his own Beats came to me finally. What a stroke of luck!” Today he wage earned with his productions, the multiple a Seller and lives with his wife in the Zurich Oberland. Next goal: a home.

In Switzerland at home

In a departure Yildirim thinks. “America is great, but Switzerland is my home,” he says. Here he prepares his music, which he presents in the three – to four-week stays in the USA and the respective artists. Yildirim puts his goals high. “I would like to produce for Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, or the Future,” he says. “And then the Grammy is there, of course.” A goal of the Yildirim has come since Friday, a step closer. As a co-producer of Travis Scott, he is nominated three Times for the most important music prize. Last year, he was still as a newbie, on-the-spot, in this year, maybe as the big winner.

in addition to OZ, the Zurich-based DJ EDX can hope for a Grammy. He is nominated to the Dubai Skyline Remix of the Charlie-Puth-song “How Long” for the award as the Best Remix. Citizens for the success of the DJ Maurizio Colella (41) means, he ZH comes from Opfikon and is on a monthly basis over three million listeners, the Swiss Spotify king. “Sometimes dreams do come true,” says the DJ. “I and all Involved can’t even believe it. I’m in a good things that we can take the Golden Gramophone in Switzerland!”