In a huge hall in the Convention center behind the Venetian Casino in Las Vegas over 1200 Start-ups from all over the world show off your Gadgets. Some countries, such as France, Italy, Taiwan, Japan or Korea have for years at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) areas, where young entrepreneurs can issue.

Well, Switzerland is also represented for the first time officially at the world’s largest tech fair. And comes up with the most striking of all the countries. While most put on White as a base color and with one of the many tables for the Start-ups and small-piece work, the Swiss Pavilion on an eye-catching, consistent Design.

the Swiss have the most beautiful booth in the Start-up hall

black-brown wood on the walls in yellow lights are shock to see words such as “Welcome to Switzerland”, “Swiss tech” or “Swiss Made”. Not only visually, the Swiss appearance stands out from the other countries. Also the concept of new paths – with obvious success.

Although the around 30 Start-ups have a little less space than elsewhere, for there in the centre of the Swiss Pavilion, a large stage, constantly something going on. Regularly there are drones shows, the Start-ups in turn to introduce themselves on the stage. There is something always running – and attracts the audience.

Also to urge the edge times, the tech fans on the Stand. The young entrepreneurs have little time for a breather, and non-stop from morning to explain practically to the evening of your Gadgets and innovations.

“I am pleased that our Plan worked perfectly and the reactions are here at CES so positive,” says Nicolas Bideau, Swiss Ambassador and head of presence Switzerland. The organization of the Federal Department of foreign Affairs (FDFA), together with Switzerland Global Enterprise for the Swiss Pavilion responsible.

Switzerland also comes in 2020, back to CES

There are only small Details that lift the Stand out of the crowd. For example, that there is a beer and the Swiss Pavilion to the meeting point, while elsewhere the chairs are high. Or that the employees are in uniform T-Shirts immediately as the point of contact identified.

“In just seven months, we have stamped the appearance of the ground,” says Daniel Küng, CEO of Switzerland Global Enterprise, the Tour, and praises the cooperation of the Federal government, economic development agencies, universities and other partners. And Nicolas Bideau added: “The appearance is perfect advertising for the site in Switzerland. We come next year definitely again.”

snow cookie: Tracker for skiers

“A great Event”, says Martin Kawalski, founder of the snow cookie. “Yesterday, the U.S. ski team came by several major media houses such as Foxnews.” Snow cookie smart Sensors for 350 Swiss francs, which come on the ski slopes. He not only records, which routes to drive, but also the posture. The App is a detailed analysis tool and gives tips on how to drive better and safer. “This helps every fan of Skiing, no matter how good he is already on the slopes. And of course, our Tool is also interesting for professionals.”

Birdly flight simulator with a VR-glasses

Birdly, the dream of flying. The User is on a wing design that has a VR-glasses and feel of a fan the Wind in your face. And can fly through a virtual world. The sounds banal, but it is a magnificent experience, because you really have the feeling to be like a bird in the air. Birdly is so real that it comes in amusement parks and game centers all over the world. And also at CES, the virtual fly is a magnet for the audience. “We were able to establish good contacts with investors, what could be for our Expansion to China and Asia is important,” concludes Fabian Troxler of Birdly balance sheet.

Biowatch: a bracelet, as a universal identification

“the fact That so many people stay at the Swiss stand, is for us a stroke of luck,” says Matthias Vanoni of Biowatch. Because only about 10 percent of the visitors came specifically to the Swiss Start-up, the other one had to appeal to yourself and the product to explain. “We were able to establish a great many contacts, and have surprisingly received a lot of pre-orders.” The contact to the visitors is not particularly important, since the Biowatch bracelet is self-explanatory. The innovative technology uses the veins on the wrist as an identification feature. Because the vein pattern is so prints unique as a finger or the Iris. On the bracelet as well-all sorts of data, such as access-protected permissions, passwords or payments are to be saved.