let’s Be honest: The flowering period of the Swiss Tennis seemed to be over for a long time. An aging Roger Federer. An injury-stricken Stan Wawrinka. A Belinda Bencic, could not carry your Status as a child Prodigy to adulthood. But the US Open show the opposite: The Swiss Tennis Party is in full swing!

In the centre: Roger Federer. His brilliance Comeback, you no longer believe in him to big victories. Now, the fourth Grand Slam success as over 35 seems-Year-old very realistically.

Wawrinka believed after his serious knee injury, no one – except himself. With his irrepressible will, he has played himself back to the top, he is now in his second Grand Slam quarter-final of the year. Respect!

No other country with more quarter-finalists

And Bencic? Finally fully fit, play them in 2019 excellent Tennis, is currently the seventh-best performer player of the year. Angriffig, varied, often with a dash of ingenuity. And so it teaches also the Great Fear that struck the world’s number 1 Osaka now for the third Time in the series.

No other country has more representatives in the quarter-finals. As the only Nation we are represented in the men and women, respectively, among the top eight. The Swiss, you rock the US Open Party.

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