Although he has 33 Lenze on his hump, falls on Matthias Glarner with a childlike joy at the resonant sport. “That was before my serious accident in the summer of 2017 not always the case,” admits the reigning vibrating king. “Because I was injured 15 years and never had a problem, has developed the Swing for me is a matter of course. One or the other Training was for me, therefore, a nuisance. But then the first long injury break in my career, I had real withdrawal symptoms from the sawdust. Therefore, I am now back on every training session”.

And the newfound joy of training-torment, leads the last Sunday almost to Glarners first participation in a Wreath-circuit gear since Estevayer 2016. The pictures of the festival in the Bernese Oberland Glarus is in front of the fifth gear with three Wins and a Provided. With a victory over Willi Graber, he could secure the place for the final Ausmarchung.

The fifth Federal wreath is the goal

This feat succeeds, though not quite, the match ends in a draw. Because he puts in his last response but at least Willi Grabers brother Alfred on the cross, conquered the Meiringer the 115 wreath of his career. It is deciduous “Mätthels” second oak, since he has fallen in June 2017 at the Hasliberg from a gondola twelve meters in depth.

“I shall be with my development really satisfied. What I’m missing now is a victory over a Confederate. But physically I’m in a similar good mood as in my king of the year” is Glarus convinced. And that is why he also believes a Royal Surprise on the 25th. August in train: “Clearly, the win by the fifth Federal wreath will be my main goal. At the same time I believe that up even more is possible”.

Nick Alpiger – Armon Orlik (image)
Kilian Wenger, Samuel Giger
Joel Strebel – Arnold Forrer
Fabian Staudenmann – Raphael Zwyssig
Florian Gnägi – Michael Bless
Patrick Räbmatter – Samir Leuppi
Christoph Bieri – Matthias Aeschbacher
Roger Erb Roger Rychen
David Schmid – Beni Notz
Luke Döbeli – Tobias Krähenbühl
Andreas Döbeli – Patrick Schenk
Stephan Studinger – Bernhard Kämpf
Remo Stalder – Ruedi Roschi
Marcel Kropf – Michael Wiget
Markus Schläpfer – Patrick Gobeli