There are wavers that want to pull the football again and again into the Ridiculous. The two-time king Ernst Schläpfer embossed saying “boys play football, men to swing” hang in wardrobes in many of the Swing.

The reigning king Matthias Glarner has played as a Boy, actually football. Up to the 15. Years he guarded the gate of the SV Meiringen. Although he opted for a career in the sawdust, is the Bernese Oberland, in contrast to a few “evil” colleagues, a great football friend remained also due to some of his closest Confidants.

Glarners heart lady Claudia works for the Swiss football Association, his sister Katrin has completed with the U17 national team a couple of games for his country, his mother in the NLA for Rot-Schwarz Thun played. And his younger brother, Stefan earned his money as a right-back at FC Thun. In 242 of the Super League Play he scored five goals.

jab of Matthias

at a young age have dreamed of, “Stifel,” and “Mätthel” often that you can accrue one day together in a large Arena. Now the Glarus are brothers together on the art of Thun, stockhorn Arena lawn. The 78-Kilo lightweight exterior car asks his 118-pound Big Brother to get a shot in training. This can’t resist a little jab, while he watched as eleven FCT-player drag a Cage over the square: “Two transducers would suffice for the postponement of this gate. The footballer will need for the same effort of a whole team …”

Now is the best oscillator of the last Federal can prove how strong he is between the posts really. Stefan curls to warm up from around 25 meters, and with a couple of balls on goal, holding Matthias without any problems. The king is impressed with the gloves, which has lent him some tuna, number 1, Guillaume Faivre,. “The development of the Goalie gloves is great. Thanks to the latest Material, the balls will remain literally stick to your hands. Had to, in my active time I edit the gloves with a glue pen.”

Stefan starts to shoot from distance so sharp that the latest gloves use alone, nothing more. The man with 115 wreaths on the account must now unpack the strongest of his reflexes, and succeeds to the astonishment of a Pro-footballer, again and again. After Matthias scratched from 22 yards fired a shot from the lower right corner of the device Stefan into raptures: “You’re on the line really are a lot of moving, and sparkling, as I believed – respect!”

motivational SMS from Stefan

It was a great Dane, which inspired the confederates in his training to be a goalkeeper. “Peter Schmeichel of Manchester United was my role model,” says “King Glarus”. In his time as a C-Junior of “Haslital-flattering could be characterized” against a boy who sets today for the FC Basel and the Serbian national team highlights: “As I Meiringen against FC Dürrenast started, I played against Zdravko Kuzmanovic. My Cousin Simon Anderegg our defense was boss. To the exact result, I can’t remember, but I know that we have done quite passable.”

Return to the current duel: Stefan placed the Ball just outside the penalty area and announces, “I’m going to make from this Position, three really serious shots”. Matthias countered cheekily: “I want to at least fend off two of your three attempts. If I don’t manage, I’ll mow the punishment with you at home on the lawn.”

Stefan nimmts smiling note, and then three times mercilessly with his right foot. Matthias has every Time out. Stefan gives him three chances. And this time, the 186-centimetre grow-man is actually beyond themselves: After the first landing on the right post and the second in the goal, articulated “Matt the cat” is the third Ball in mirakulöser manner to the left-hand post.

The Glarus Brothers finish their training session with a Provided. While the departure from the Stockhorn Arena Glarus maintains that he has laid in the autumn of 2015, the basis for the conquest of the Schwinger-throne in football training: “Because to me, the classic running training at that time become monotonous, I registered myself in the Thun district club Dürrenast. So I could be a lot of running with the Ball, I played the role of the wing striker. And to get even more sweat, I’m with the Five-against-two-Exercises always remained a volunteer in the middle. This has done me good to the extreme.”

just like the message, received by Matthias, shortly before the Federal circuit course in Estavayer from the brother: “the content of The SMS, which I received at the time of Stufi, remains among the two of us. But I can assure you, that me has made this message a couple of percent stronger.”

And that is why Stefan Glarner is also ship in front of the Oscillation in train a special message to the address of his big brother.

19. December 1985

home mountain in Thun, BE.


186 cm / 118 kg




in 2016, king, 2013 6 (wreath), 2010 7f (wreath), 2007 4c (wreath), 2004 14g

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sport festival in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.