On Tuesday evening, Kilian Wenger (28) must spend the colleagues in the vibration club in Thun and the surrounding area a round. As a newly minted dad this is so – there is also a made-for-swing king is no exception.

“it’s part of,” said Wenger, laughing to VIEWS. “I hope, however, that a few after the workout, come with me.”

Since the 8. April and the birth of the small Mena Léanne are Wenger and his lady Kathy Hunziker, for the first time parents. “Maybe I’m still in the euphoria,” says the king, on the first day as a father. “But so far it’s gone surprisingly well with the sleep. She comes every three to four hours, which are relatively peaceful nights for us.”

“I’m incredibly proud,”

The diemtig valley about the first moments as a dad: “I’ve seen: you can open your eyes and scream, that was half the battle. That’s when I knew, it’s all good. I’m incredibly proud of.”

The feelings of happiness are likely to continue for a while yet – but in the sawdust Wenger does not expect a Papi Bonus. “It will be a tough season with a lot of challenges,” he says. “But I feel prepared.”