Bonstetten, ZH, at 8. April: Sami Giger (21) and Pirmin Reichmuth give on this day at the anniversary celebration of the swinging club Albis twice the Hand – in Oscillation, and in the Final round, the two young king-aspirants are separated by a Provided. During the Zug Reichmuth become in the next few weeks, with three triumphs in four Wreath-launches to the sky in the Central part of Switzerland, the largest Thurgau hope due to a shoulder injury momentum. Giger, who finished third at the last Federal in Estavayer behind king Matthias Glarner the second rank, has denied since the encounter with Reichmuth only a Competition: in The Thurgau Cantonal beginning of may, he landed on place five.

It transpires now that Giger is already in front of the Lucerne Cantonal on 7. June has received the green light for a Comeback. An Insider VIEW: “Sami has at the beginning of June has of NOS-Association of physician Pierre Hofer, the medical clearance for a guest game in Luzern get. Why he is not still drive in the Central Switzerland, Giger’s secret.”

another scene expert from the Canton of Thurgau, however, that the two-fold Schwägalp-winner may rise in the coming Sunday in the North-East Switzerland in Hallau finally back in the pants: “with the exception of slight physical deficits Sami has left for the last training to make a good impression. And although he lubricates always ointment on his shoulder, we all assume that Sami is going to start in our Part of the organisation, in the Canton of Schaffhausen.”

in addition to the giants from the northeast of Switzerland will attack in Hallau guests Remo cheese-maker, and Christian Gerber (Bern), Marcel Mathis and Erich Fankhauser, as well as the North-Western Swiss Joel Strebel.