Christian Stucki: We have won all three at the Unspunnen and the Kilchberger, but the crown of the resonant king’s missing the Geni, the Chlöisu and me. I hope I can change that in the train now.

a medial ligament tear on the left knee a break from competition of almost three months of loading.
I still think positive. I was able to train in the last few weeks, really very good. And while one or the other will maybe go a little bit tired after train, because he already has some tough wreath fixed in the bone, now I’m really fresh.

these people right?
That’s as may be. And it is probably because I – somewhat exaggerated – the last Rites in front of my eyes. I am aware that me, with my 34 years, the last real Chance on the swing king title offers. That’s why I’m doing my training plan really with the last consequence.

It is actually pretty simple: Because I took up last year, not a Breakfast to me, I had to work a such great Hunger that I were moved in the evening, a huge Portion of the dough to triple. Logically, that this has not just a positive effect on my weight affected. But because I now have a big cereal for Breakfast to eat, I needed hardly any to the fat – and calorie-rich Refreshments. And in the evening I take a meal to me, which is much easier to digest than Pasta with Sauce.

The before always comes back. Basically, I’ve arranged myself so that I stick out from the crowd. After I had parked on the way to this date my car next to the campsite, I was pulled out barely 30 seconds before me the first Person in a Selfie has asked. If I will, as requested, in this case, decent question, I also very happy. Tedious it is but then when I have the tent in a festival to go to, in the case of some people with every bottle of beer, the level of inhibition decreases, until you believe you could challenge me to a Hosenlupf out.

I let such types of a couple of Times on the belt, until I sometime a bit more serious three look up and say: “You don’t want to experience it, if I zupacke right.” That is, in the majority of cases.

I have forever fallen, to me my mother made it clear that I should like to put quite a fight. At some point, I’ve given to peers after a provocation with such a fierce Chlapf that to him after a Tooth was missing. This has done me so sorry that I have been since then, never more palpably.

as you very often?

Yes, I noticed also. And also I myself will be confronted again and again with envy and resentment. But that is the case everywhere where people are. Nevertheless, I would say that the swinging world is all in all still in good condition. It maintained many of the values and lived, which are in my eyes very important. Only something pushes me really mad!

There are, as before, in the first line of the transducer, which attract a Federal Department of the masses. We set for this spectacle our health. Mainly thanks to us a lot of money is to be implemented. It is good and right that we may choose in the very well-stocked temple Gave it a nice price. What is not in my eyes but even, is the fact that we do not have active transducer automatically entitled to a Ticket. Of the 56 500 places a minimum of 1000 seats would have to be for the relatives of the Schwinger reserved.

I have the luck of the swinging club on the Lower Zealand which, but many other wavers have for your loved one no cards. This must not be.

I do not know. Xavier is now six years old, his interest for the swinging sports is still there, at last made him love football but almost a little bit more. This is mainly due to the two titles of YB. And since he has received from the YB-Fanshop a Hoarau shower gel, he would wash up on the sweetheart 20 Times a day.

In our family is the Friday of father’s day. I am also responsible for the preparation of lunch.

No Junk food! I place value on a varied diet of vegetables may not come up on our dining plan too short. Personally, I can eat almost everything – except Feta – and “stinky cheese” like Roquefort.

Yes, especially when I’m with my boys, cartoon films look. Because I’m dying sometimes, almost laughing.

I would like to swing a few more years, finally, the big Highlights are in the next three years on the program. 2020 will be held Schwinget in Appenzell, the Swiss anniversary, in 2021, the Kilchberger, and in 2022 there in Pratteln again a Federal.

23. to 25. August dominate giants, sawdust, and put on their drill trousers, Switzerland – the Swiss Federal wrestling and Alpine sport festival in train. Here you will find everything you need to know about the Mega-Event.