Creative idea for creating Barch-in (barca in Italian “boat”) came up with four young architects – lovers movie: Nikola Scopelliti, Sylvia Razia, Katherine Louise Grodi and Valletti. Coordinated Quartet of enthusiasts managed not only to convince the municipal authorities of the need for its speedy implementation, but also to find their own sponsors, have agreed to Finance this very timely cultural project.

“To create an aquatic theater was inspired by the pandemic and the need to comply with restrictive measures in the conditions of the lockdown. During the quarantine, the media began increasingly to speak about the revival of the so-called chocolates, where to watch movies without leaving the car. In recent months Venice, which since 30 years has made an enormous contribution to the development of world cinematography, it was simply not know. She turned into a real Ghost town. Again to bring her back to life could only be art. At some point we have linked the two ideas and decided to give our beloved city a cinema on water,” – said the press Secretary of the movement Barch-in collective Nikola Scopelliti.

that the authors of the idea driven by good intentions rather than a desire to enrich themselves under the guise, no doubt. We are talking about a completely free cultural events which will take place every Tuesday throughout August. To get in the water cinema it will be possible, unless the armor on the project website. It is curious that the organizers of the show, seeking to keep the intrigue until the last second and make the Venetians the real surprise, decided not to announce the name of the paintings in advance.

the Premiere of the project took place on the eve in a unique atmosphere and locations. The screen was the facade of the medieval building. Hall – naval dockyard in the historic district of the city, which in his time an enormous influence on the development of shipbuilding in the world, and the role of spectator seats did great boats. They are allowed to sit or two, or members of one family, including minor children. In the first chineseblue was attended by 60 boats and 300 people, they are all as one to keep a safe social distance. But the most popular accessory of this year, a mask to wear during a session is not required, you need it only if you are unfamiliar boaters decide to discuss what they see.

Some fans, enthusiastically followed the development of the Thriller “the Prestige,” combined feed view with a picnic. According to them, the masterpieces of world cinema is much better perceived under pizza, prosciutto and cheese plate than a traditional popcorn.

If you’re in Venice and decide to visit a water cinema, then register for the session on the project website.