The health insurers are “very satisfied” with the 2018 fiscal year. Total premium income rose by 7.6 percent to 4.63 billion, the net insurance benefits, however, only 2.8 percent to 3.74 billion.

All the three segments have made a positive contribution to the underwriting result, the Swica on Friday. The ratio of claims payments to premium income (Combined Ratio) of the group improved to 94.9 percent and in the health insurance (KVG) to 96.1 percent.

A dash through the bill the capital markets. Due to the significant price losses on the stock exchanges against the end of the year, the Swica 2018 suffered a loss from capital contributions of 26.4 million Swiss francs, which is an increase of 132.9 million in the previous year.

provisions of over 101 million

the bottom-line profit fell by 8.1 percent to 86.5 million Swiss francs. For risks in the investments were made in the last year, in addition, provisions in the amount of 101.1 million Swiss francs.

The number of Insured rose by 0.8 per cent to 1.46 million, the reason of insured (pursuant to the KVG) made up of nearly 800’000 (+4.8 percent). A slight decline in the number of corporate customers (26’980, -1.2 percent), however, was.

The insured has resulted in growth, according to the information that, in absolute terms, both the volume of premiums as well as expenses for medical treatments were higher than the previous year. Per capita output had fallen minim cost, however, 3578 francs per Person (0.4 percent). If this Trend stopping, “from today’s view-optimistic” with regard to the Premiums in the basic insurance for 2020, wrote to the Swica. (SDA)